House Beautiful

Dreaming of…

Being right about HERE. 


Wearing this little number. 


And sipping a cocktail with my homey, Marge.  Wassup gurl. 


Marge and I will leisurely gaze out at this, and talk about boys. 


Later on, I’ll do a little bit of sunning… 


And a little bit of floating… 


Then meander back to the hotel… 


Maybe pick up one of these on my way… 


And rinse off here… 


…so that I don’t track sand into my stunning, breezy, high-contrast, India Hicks-esque hotel room. 


(By this point, my hair will have dried naturally like this.  Because it can do that in dreams.) 


I’ll toss this on… 


And these… 


And maybe a pair of these… 


And go on a stroll through town. 


Hand-in-hand with… 


…DUH.  Who else?  My boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhal. 


We’ll leisurely sip one-nuh these, Lady and the Tramp style. 


And after while, we’ll doze off here. Okay, Jake.  I’ll be the little spoon. 


Then we’ll have dinner right about here.  Doesn’t that sound like the best day in imaginary vacation land you’ve ever laid EARS on? 


(Sigh.)  A girl can dream. 


And dream I shall.  Because the wind chill in Chicago today is 30 below. 

3-0 B-E-L-O-W


And this is what people in Chicago look like right now: 


On that note, one more thing.  Hows about a big fat win for THESE guys on Sunday?! 


DA Bears! 


And if it wasn’t WILDLY politically and religiously incorrect, I’d show you this one too. 



Have a great weekend! 


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  • I so enjoyed this! It may cheer you somewhat to know the sun did not shine on the island today and we have been with out power or water for the last few hours, and the puppy choose not to go outside to do his business and my 7 year old refused to finish his homework and the 2 year old screamed for sweeties in a most unbecoming way and the golf cart got a flat tyre on the way to school…….even paradise has it’s problems. Warm regards India Hicks

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