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Casa Covet Living: The Close Overtime Thriller of the Kitchen Island

You guys did us SUCH a solid weighing in last week on Karrie’s new kitchen!  THANK you!!!  We loved hearing from all of you and we’re down to some combo of what was #1 and #2, with the only major decision left to be made being the ISLAND COLOR. First of all, here’s what one side of the kitchen technically will look like (island is in front of it but not pictured in this elevation):

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.15.52 PM

SEH.  Here’s where we stand:

  • Cabinets: We’re going WHITE on all perimeter cabinetry.
  • Countertops: Carrara-like (Quartz TBD).
  • Backsplash: Classic white subway tile (with a light-to-medium grey grout) as the backsplash and alllllllll the way up the range wall and also all the way up the wall around the kitchen sink (not pictured).
  • Inset over Range: Tabarka Nord.
  • Open shelving: flanking the range (rustic finish, either floating or on oil rubbed bronze brackets).
  • Island: EHHHMAHGAH WE CAN’T DECIDE!!!  What do y’all think?  Karrie’s first instinct is navy.  Or more specifically, Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue… Which I love for being so gorgeous and classic.  But which I do not love for being vomited all over the Pinterestphere in the last year or two.  But DANG it’s pretty:

hague blue

  • My first instinct is to go just a little bit outside of the box and do more of a Peacock Blue.  I pulled an old inspo photo out of the archives of my dome that Melissa Bixby Anderson (of Bixby & Ball and now Perennials fame) did a few years ago (cabinets by San Diego Custom Cabinets – heeeeeeeey… ps did I tell you I do kitchens/baths for them now?) – but for real – THIS kitchen…  I have been dying over it ever since:

Bixby Kitchen

Melissa – who btw is one of the sweetest and most talented people, ever – said something to me about that kitchen that stuck like glue: that that particular client was a really fun family with a ton of personality in the throes of trying to decide whether to go classic all-white, or go kinda fun and crazy… obviously they went the route that was truer to their family dynamic, and so every time I think about Karrie’s kitchen, I really want it to be her, personified.  Ya know?

The kitchen above was what planted the seed, but the inside of this gorgeous bar cabinet by Kristen Buckingham for Global Views that I saw over the weekend at Vegas market tipped the scales for me.  BECAUSE IT WAS THE MOST PERFECT SHADE OF PEACOCK I EVER SAW:



PS there’s my buddy and bad a$$ designer Hope (of Hope Pinc Design).  Hey girl heeeeey!


Anyhow – we’re on the fence (again).  Wanna help?  Here’s a doodle in po-man’s-photoshop (Microsoft Word) I just flipped to Karrie real fast… What’ll it be peeps – VEGAS PEACOCK or NAVY?!

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Steph's Scanned Signature

PS: Sorry to you Bach Fans about no post this week.  I blame being at 10,000 feet + a jam-packed schedule 🙂  Be back next week, honest!