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How to Get Unstuck

California Beach | Getting Unstuck | Covet Living

To take a super somber 180 degree turn from yesterday’s post, for some reason I feel compelled to share something my Mom sent to me last week… it’s a bit personal, but hey.  We’ve been known to share some pretty raw things on this blog before, so whatever – the jig is up, and it’s just what we do.  Plus, as my girl Meg told Tom in You’ve Got Mail, “whatever else anything else is, it oughta begin by being personal.”  But more importantly, I’m quite certain that everyone is, has or will – at some point – have to struggle to deal with something really painful, so if reading this little excerpt from “Tiny Beautiful Things” can lend any comfort to me, then maybe it’ll come in handy for some of you, too:

Mom's Sweet Words on Getting Unstuck | Covet Living

I’m not sure what’s more helpful: Sugar’s (Cheryl Strayed’s) soothing words, or my Mother’s.  I’ve led a pretty charmed life – one that I will never, ever be entitled to complain about – but I have also seen some things these past few years that seem so profoundly cruel to me that I still haven’t figured out quite how to process them. And maybe I never will.  But in the meantime, what I can process are all of the good things… like having a Mom who cares enough to send me stuff like that, just when I need it.  Or a Dad who sends my dog boxes of rawhide and who always makes everything okay, no matter happens.  Or a gaggle of the most wonderful new girlfriends here.  Or the oldest of friends, like my slampig of a co-blogger, who I had a ping pong match of a text-a-thon last night that almost made me shart myself: after she told me she intended to cut her untamed weave of wiry hair even shorter, à la Kelly Ripa’s new ‘do, I kept trying to tell her that it might make her look like Buckwheat.  This is what ensued:

Kelly Ripa and Buckwheat | Covet Living

She obviously never listens to anything I say.  And she obviously thinks I look like Nick Nolte in the morning.  Sadly, she is not wrong.

Steph and Nick Nolte

And in other news – just to keep things light – I got in the shower this morning with nothing but my socks on.  So there’s that.

Lots of love to you all.  And if you’re having a tough time – with anything – hang in there, take some comfort in Dear Sugar’s words above, and wring the good out of everything you can possibly find.

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