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DIY: Upcycled Wicker Peacock Headboard

Found Wicker Peacock Headboard | Covet Living

I found this little fella across the street at a yard sale last year.  I always think these vintage peacock headboards look so sweet in kiddos’ rooms.  Plus, err-body’s so busy that it’s easy to get caught up in buying everything on page 59 of the Pottery Barn catalog and calling it a day, so I love it when you get to inject things that are a little more unique – and maybe a little time worn – to give a room some soul.

I actually love it as-is, and the au naturel route has its charms.  This one – in a Hamptons Designer Showhouse room by Sara Bengur Interiors (which is perfect, btw) – is in a darker stain that gives it an island-y feel, which I love.

Wicker Scroll Headboard | Covet Living

Remodelista also shared this pic from Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk, which shows ta go ya that you can keep the headboard neutral and just dress up the bed with bold pillows.

Au Natural Wicker Headboard | Covet Living

Or if you ever needed a reason to love wicker’s natural finish, there’s this.  BANG.

Perfect Wicker Chair | Covet Living

But I’m also thinking of rolling up my sleeves and giving it a fresh coat of something awesome… maybe for one of my knocked-up pals.  It’s been done in everything from ROY to G to BIV:

Hot PInk Headboard via Oh Joy | Covet Living

Candy Pink Peacock Headboard | Covet Living

Red Wicker Headboard via OKL | Covet Living

Peacock Headboard in Blue | Covet Living

Peacock Teal Headboard | Covet Living

Navy Wicker Headboard via BHG | Covet Living

Wicker Scroll Yellow Headboards via OKL | Covet Living

Green and White Peacock Headboard | Covet Living

Green Wicker Headboards | Covet Living

Green Peacock Headboard | Covet Living

What do you guys think??  I love it in hot pink and in green.  OR in this peachy pink perfection – which would be so sweet for a little girl’s room…

Peachy Pink Color | Covet Living

…with layers of whites and creams and maybe some charcoal grey on the bed.  Like this Boho-went-to-heaven fabric (Sedona Ikat in Java by Beacon Hill), which is about as $$$ per yard as your kid’s first year of college… but it’s good for inspiration:

Beacon Hill Sedona Ikat | Covet Living

Like zeese!

DIY Headboard Redo | Covet Living

If you’re looking to do the wicker thing, there’s a few on ebay for $200 and up.  But I would suggest keeping your eye on Craigslist, Estate Sales, and yes – my old faithful – the Goodwill.


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Favorite Thing Friday: My Dining Room

We jabber a lot on Fridays about all the pretty baubles & threads & what-nots we’re lusting over.  But…  how’s that little quote go?

So today I thought it’d be fun to rap about one of my favorite things I’ve already got: the happiest of happy, cozy dining rooms.  It’s taken a little while, a little trial & error, and a lot of layering things I love over time…  but isn’t that what a space you love should be?  Collected and curated?  I really am breaking my arm patting myself on the back here… what a hooker.  Whatever.  Almost everything in this room has either sentimental value, was sourced from a thrift store or Craigslist, or is a refurbished antique.  Here are s’more bits from the room:

Super sentimental stuff on the wall: Old family photos of my parents and grandparents around the dinner table…  a gigantic spoon that I scooped up antiquing with my Nanny…  a framed copy of “La vie est faite de petits bonheurs” (Life is full of little pleasures)…

And, hand-written directions to my favorite restaurant in Florence (Il Latini) scribbled by an obliging shopkeeper when my college bestie and I were trying to find it again on our 2nd trip to Italy.

Mix & Match seating was a must for me.  I generally want to ralph when I see a fully matched dining set.  This isn’t Rooms-to-Go, yo.  Linen Settee is from World Market (on sale right now for $299! #stealing).  Tufted chairs are from Nest in Chicago – I finally snapped them up after months of pressing my nose against the glass and drooling over them.  Louis XIV chairs are sommuh my favorite refurbished antiques.

Ikat Pillows: The navy throw pillow covers are from Interwoven… she has some pretty great stuff in the form of kanthas, ikats and otomi textiles for great prices.  I also follow her on Intstagram for daily updates and sale alerts.

Framed Mia Beach Photography & Vintage Dresser: I remember the day I saw this dresser at Habitat for Humanity in Mt. Pleasant, SC with a $125 sticker on it.  I literally lunged for it and carried it out the door… à la that 2 lb. weiner dog from the Grinch carrying a 875 lb. bag of toys.   It took a little elbow grease to clean it up, but I love it.  Such a great piece.  The old barnwood frame was about $16 from the Broadway Antique Mall in Muncie, IN, and the photo is my very oldest friend Mia‘s little boy frolicking through a field.  She was sweet enough to send me a copy.  It makes me so happy every time I look at it.

Louis XIV caned dining chairs: I picked these up at an antique store in Charleston, SC about 8 years ago…  at the time, they were a yellow-y bone color covered in mauve velvet.  Wuf.  They’ve seen a few cans of spray paint since then, but I finally ended up with a few coats of rose gold spray paint and the most delicious charcoal grey velvet from Calico Corners.  Big thanks to Begley Upholstery on High Street for doing such a bang-up job on these.  I love a good DIY, but some things you gotta leave to the experts.

Vitrine of antique flutes, coupes & tumblers: Muffie Faith, who owns ESD in Charleston, inspired this collection.  I saw candy-colored glasses perched in her kitchen window about 7 years ago and thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen (remember this post?).  So, every time I’m in a thrift store, I sprint to the glassware section, and there is ALWAYS something delicious there.  This collection makes parties and holidays REALLY, really fun.

And look how amazing these bad boys are…  I think they were 50 cents each. Where’s the karate chop emoticon??

Here’s my newest addition:  A $20 buffet from Goodwill.

I ended up painting the outside cream, and the inside is this color.  #bangbangbang

What’s your favorite room in your house?  Or your favorite thrifty score?  Shoot it over to us – we wanna see!!

Have a great weekend, Campers!