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Santa! It’s me, Stephie.

Santa Santa SANTA!!!  Do yoooou think that you could tuck the contents of the wish list below under my tree this year…?  And maybe overlook the fact that I “forgot” to pick up Gus’ treats more than a few times around the neighborhood…  set off the alarm (with Karrie’s help) outside the Barefoot Contessa’s house in the Hamptons… and devoured inordinate amounts of Skinny Pop all year long. #whoops.  In any case, I don’t REALLY need anything, so most of the items on my list are pipe dream items.  Here’s a snapshot of the pretty ditties I’m lusting after:

1.  Caribbean Vacation: We’ve been trying to take one for (like) ever, and have it slated for this February…  right about the time the dismal, frigid weather in Ohio will have nearly broken my soul.  We’re deciding between Jost Van Dyke (BVI), St. Lucia and well…  I don’t know where else.  Any suggestions?

2.  Tory Burch Leopard Print Calfskin Flats:  I’ve wanted these FOR-EVER.  They’re no longer available in stores so I have to camp on eBay waiting for them to pop up.  I lost a close overtime thriller bidding war on a pair the other day and it almost sent me off the deep end.  If you’ve never owned a pair of Tory’s ballet flats, they are heaven.  Pricey but so comfy.

3. Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer – in Oui! Magenta Violet (shown) or Sally Iridescent Blackened Green:  Never have I ever seen such beautiful colors.  So fun for New Year’s!

4.  Stella McCartney Giselle Charming Lace Bra:  How pretty and perky is this little tart?  And in a fun surprise!-esque bright yellow color.  Now 30% off.

5. Madewell Mira Heel:  So classic, but the asymmetrical cut gives them a little edge.  These are a forever staple.  Now 30% off with code GOODCHEER.

6. Elizabeth Cole Drop Earrings:  Can you say “statement piece”?  These are STUNNING.  They’ve been on my list forever.  Only 2 pairs left at Shopbop!  Also on my radar??  These Bohemian beaded beauties from Kenneth Jay Lane.

7. Lululemon Nice Asana Jacket (Brushed):  I am fairly certain my live-in Santa may have already picked this up, but I wanted to include it anyway as a gift idea for the gals, because it’s amazing.  I have a similar one in bright blue and I live in it.  In fact, I live in all my Lulu gear.  (PS:  Also amazing and pictured at right is the Run Swiftly SS Tee – *cough* love it in the color “Light Flare”, size 6.)  I wondered in the beginning if Lulu was worth the extra – oh – probably 30% markup over some other athletic brands, and the answer is a resounding YES.  Quality > Quantity.

8. Ina Garten’s Foolproof – Recipes You Can Trust:  I love her.  Everything I’ve ever made of hers has been divine.  I rarely consider buying cookbooks anymore because I usually just read recipes from my iPad in the kitchen, but this is a cookbook I know I would pull out just about every day, and have splattered with sauce and butter in no time.

9. Buxom Full-On Lip Polish:  Great size, great applicator, great plumper and great shimmer.  Comes in a range of candy colors.

10. Bridget Parris by Magenta Oh So Fountainbleu Dipped Gold Serving Bowl: Um, I die.  At $172, this is probably never going to happen for me (unless I win the $400 million in Mega Millions this Friday), but a girl can dream.  If I had seen this before my Pipe Dream Registry Post for Rent the Runway, I totes would’ve included it.

11. Ruffled Chanel Blouse:  This is from the Spring 2010 show in Paris, but I love it still.  Now on super sale over at eBay for the bargain price of a down payment on a SmartCar $1445.  See also #10.

12. BCBG Rihanna Beaded Clutch:  Was $298…  now on eBay for $115 (brand new). THIS. IS. PERFECTION.  Maybe my favorite thing on this list.  Also available at BCBG for $178.  And if you’re looking for a statement bag that can also be practical for everyday, then look no further than the Leopard Clhei Travel Wallet/Clutch from Pink & Navy Boutique.  This clutch has a place for your cards, ID, $ and cell inside, AND the dolly-faces at Pink & Navy (hey girls!!) will give you 20% off (retail: $168) if you tell them you saw the clutch here on Covet Living.  Call to order:  (941) 567-4000, and hustle – only a few left!

13. Garth Brooks World Tour 2014 Tickets:  Okay, so they’re not on sale yet because he JUST announced it this week.  BUT, Dear Santa/Jesus/Easter Bunny/Buddha:  Please please please let me have a SHOT at getting a hold of these.  I have been tone-deaf yodeling the sounds of “Calling Baton Rouge” and “What’s She Doing Now” ever since I heard about the tour.  Sign me up.

14. Egyptian Goddess Dress:  It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that the whereabouts of this dress is a mystery.  It’s like a cruel joke that I even put it on here.  It was originally from Kloset Envy (??), but seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.  I feel like it only existed in my dreams.

That’s not a lot to ask…  right Santa?  Oh also…  I’d like my hair to look like this every day next year with zero effort:

In all seriousness, this list took me awhile to come up with.  The older I get, the less I need.  Now… that’s not to say that a whole tank of pee wouldn’t run down my leg if I found any one of those nuggets under the Christmas Tree, but ye know. What I’m REALLY looking forward to this year is: dragging Matt to my hometown for the holidays… helping my sweet/crazy/endearing Mother through her annual Christmas Eve fire drill frenzy… nuzzling in front of the fire at the Hobley House at Christmas… holing up at Stevie B’s house without a care in the world, in my sweatpants… watching the tacky, 1950’s twinkle ball twinkle in our living room at night… hoovering cheesy potatoes at the dinner table on Christmas Eve… spooning Gus… and, my all-time FAVORITE (#$%!&!!): watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. And PS, the 2 minute clip below gets me every time. I can’t take it!

Happy Holly-days to all you guys!!!  We’ll follow-up with a few more gift guides… one for the Kitchen/Entertaining…  what else do you guys wanna see?


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