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Lust Is In The Air

Steph and I must be in heat or somethin’, because we’ve been unusually hot n’ bothered by lots of things lately.  And I’m not talking about the kind of hot n’ bothered one gets when they stumble upon 90s heartthrobs Mario Lopez and Antonio Sabato Jr. within 10 minutes of each other, as was the case yesterday (thank youuuuuuu, fine city of LA).

No, we’re talking design.  Food.  Clothes.  Bags.  People.  It’s just all so exciting and delicious!  So, as per usual, let’s regurge some of our fave things we done saw lately.

Lauren Merkin “Paige” bag

Blunt-yet-wispy face-framing bangs with the current du rigueur winter hair color (brunette)

I wanna make sweet love to these pants.  Where do I find them?!  PS, this is exactly what I look like when traveling.

Melly suede platform booties by Rosegold, currently only $100 on Gilt.  I’ve literally been looking for the perfect pair of suede grey booties since seeing Gwynnie sporting these Stella McCartney kicks a couple years ago:

A dreamy, classic-meets-beachy bathroom via Coastal Living.  The shutters: Perfection.  The woven rug/skirt fabric/mirror/sconces: I die.

ANI bikinis

I WILL find a way to make this my wedding dress.  Oscar de la Renta.

Who. makes. these. shoes.

Greige, velvety, tufted couch.  Via the appropriately named Greige

Perfectly beachy rustic pales for wedding table tops, via a teensy little Florida antiques shop near my parents’.

Lea Michele’s glam, ethereal, belted SAG Awards dress.  Mmmkay, maybe I’ll swap out that last dress for this ‘un.

These nails.

This bag is perfect for my international travel.  Because getting interrogated in Munich last month by the German police for carrying pepper spray in my bag wasn’t exciting enough.  I mean, who knew it was outlawed there?!

Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  THERE IS A GOD.

Happy lusting.


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