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Buckingham, that is.  Kristen Buckingham, if I’m speaking English and not singing.  AKA, insanely talented Interior Designer and wife of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham.  Talk about a talented pair.  Every time I see pictures of their home, I swoon to the tune of “Rhiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-nuh-hun.”  The image below of the Buckinghams’ living room is one most of you have probably seen, thanks to a blitzkrieg of blog posts and magazine articles everywhere from Elle Decor to La Dolce Vita.  But even though these images have cycled the blogosphere, Kristen Buckingham‘s style is something to marvel at, so I couldn’t resist posting it them, complete with Covet Living commentary.  {Sofa below, Brunschwig & Fils fabric, Glass lamp is JF Chen, ca. 1950.}

I love that Kristen’s funky, bohemian twist-on-traditional style feels layered…  like favorite things collected over time and assembled in a delightfully whimsical, effortless and completely unexpected way.  Look at what girlfriend did in her son, Will’s room:  the bedding is custom-made with Clarence House fabric, headboards are upholstered in an antique paisley fabric and the framed prints are pictures from a vintage children’s book (Goodwill Hunting Idea!).  I’m also loving the wicker trunks at the foot of the bed for extra storage, and the jade-hued lamps (never would’ve thought of putting them that close together, but it works!), and the small chest of drawers that serves as a shared nightstand.

Now…  Behold.  Possibly the most amazing kitchen I have EVER laid eyes on.  It’s the perfect combo of old fashioned and modern elements…  IN high contrast…  TO the tune of perfection.  The Murano glass chandelier scored on eBay, cement tile floors from Mission Tile West, and the weathered, primitive table are my idea of a REAL bang-up time.

In the Master Bath, the mirrors & sink vanities are Buckingham’s own design.  And that glorious antique rug by Aga John Oriental Rugs is an excellent alternative to the bathmat movement.

Kristen’s Studio.  Favorite parts?  The yellow drapes in the window and the antique bronze arm sconces over the bookshelves.

Breakfast nook.  Love the 19th century chandelier by Michele C Antiques, those DRAPES (gasp!), and the way the antique red side chairs playfully pop against a sea of white.

Don’t even get me started on the idyllic exterior and garden.

Here’s the thing I find so unique about Buckingham’s designs:  though lovely, they never feel pretentious, or contrived, or inaccessible…  but instead, layered, relaxed and intuitive.  Her style feels eclectic yet cohesive.  Elegant yet comfortable and inviting.  Nothing is matchy-matchy.  I can’t picture any of these spaces hanging out on a perfectly assembled design board.  You know she didn’t assemble any of those rooms in one shopping stint, but over the years….  like she slowly cherry-picked only the things she really loved and then they ended up all working beautifully together.  I can’t quite categorize her style, but suffice it to say it is completely original, and her spaces end up being way more than the sum of their parts.  That represents a rare breed of innate talent that… gurl.  You can’t teach.  PS:

…she just opened a showroom on La Cienega in LA that showcases antiques, art, custom upholstery & furnishings, and also offers design services.  Get after it.

Cues to take from Buckingham?

1.  Buy what you love.  More often than not, the pieces you’ve collected have some sort of common denominator so when you put ’em together, they equal you (!)  …manifested into a room.

2.  Don’t be afraid of color.  Start with a neutral backdrop, then layer reds, greens, funky artwork and accessories in rich pigments.

3.  Mix it up!  Who cares!?  Do what makes you happy.

4.  Embrace antiques, even if they’re lovingly worn…  they ooze character and warmth.


*photo credits:  1st photo via Town & Country.  Last photo via Style Court.  Ones in the middle courtesy of Kristen Buckingham Interiors.

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  • I thought maybe you were calling my name 🙂

    Love the store, I now have a new place to stop when I go to West Week at the PDC in LA next month! Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Wow- I can’t believe I’m reading this and it isn’t already one year past when it was posted. I feel so on top of my game right now after absolutely stumbling upon your blog. Loving what I see here, especially your signature! Wonderful commentary, thank you 🙂

    Her name is spelled similarly to mine + I was doing a Google blog search on it spelled the way you have in your headline. Too funny that search led me here.

    P.S. I’m a Christine McVie fan, Fleetwood all the way!

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