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Like most sensible people out there, throughout my adult life I’ve struggled with an on-again, off-again relationship with Anthropologie.  Over the years I’ve found myself drifting into the store here and there, only to be turned away by the price tags.  Like, for example, the $88 one for this paper thin shirt I’ll undoubtedly ruin in the wash a week after purchasing.

But dag-nammit, if I don’t get sucked into the gorgeous oasis every now and then. The smells, the atmosphere, the music.  I want to live there.

And just last week I found myself drawn into it once again like a moth to a flame (go Janet circa ’95 in “That’s The Way Love Goes” – holy hell this song holds up well).

So here’s the deal.  This place has freaking AMAZE-BALLZ things right now.  My wallet was abused.  In a good way.  Just take a LOOK at these goodies (but be sure to get a hankie ready to wipe your seat):

1) Elephant Medallion Pot: At 78 bones, this planter is about 10 times the price of a regular pot for plants, but it is the happiest, cutest little planter I’ve ever seen.


Annnd here’s my earthenware pet enjoying its new home:

2) Perpetual Kew Planter – A bit of a splurge at $24. Buuuuuut what can I say… I’m a sucker for beachy-lookin finds.


Annnnd now check out the cute little pot on my patio table:

3) Aged Herb Pot, Pedestal – A little pop of worn terracotta goodness at just 8 smacks! Adorable.  Put some purdy flowers in like moi, or throw in some fresh herbs and place in your kitchen.


Now look at it prettifyin’ my kitchen:

4) Kubu Planter – Though I didn’t see this in the store, I’m kinda in love:

5) Celestial Coasters – These absolutely beautiful glazed clay coasters are – get this – individually hand made by a potter out of Minneapolis named Kerry Brooks, so each one is unique.  They come in six different colors and are $32 for a set of four. Me thinks a perfect housewarming gift.

6) Scattered Chevrons Curtain – All of Anthro’s curtains are usually the bee’s knees, but right now they’re selling some especially ta-die-fuh Chevron curtains (my fave’s on the left).

As Steph mentioned in her post last week, Chevron is a GREAT graphic that’ll knock yer socks off if used in different parts of your home.

(via The Love Collage)

It’s sophisticated but fun, and versatile enough to work with most decor:

(via Southern Living)

(via Material Girls)

(Classic Eames lounge chair covered in Chevron, via)

(via Atlanta Homes Magazine)


The Anthro curtains in particular are pretty loud, so best to make sure the rest of your room is a bit more neutral.  Otherwise you might feel like this guy:

Oh.  And did I mention, just hot off the press, they’ve got a new bridal line for gahd’s sake?  It’s called BHLDN, and duh, it’s very Anthro: beautiful, feminine, and if you want any of it you’ll likely need to fork over some cheddar.  Check it:

So yeah. See what I’m sayin’?  There are some great, great finds right now – and though most of the goods are pricey, if you spend some time in this haven of warm and comfy goodness, ya just might find a little treasure here and there.

Happy shopping everyone!


5 Responses to “Anthro-po-lo-WEEEEEEEE!!!”

  • Anthro’s sale homewares are the best! If you wait long enough you can get their adorable dishes and dessert plates for normal prices 🙂 Great post!

  • I am in love with Anthropologie also. I used to live just around the corner from them in Chicago and I would lovingly ask my husband if we could stop in for just a quick min. every time we walked by. I must say that although they have sticker shock they also know how to put things on sale. I have found many a great things from dresses to candles. Funny thing I also bought a window display from them to help decorate at my wedding (my husbands brilliant idea)

    • Ivy – that’s awesome about the window display. I’m getting married in November and really like the idea of using Anthro as inspiration.

  • I also really enjoy browsing at this beautiful store! I really love your new elephant planter…pricey but very cute!! I need to make a trip to LA so we can get something for the babies room there! Thanks for the blog, I always enjoy the pictures and witty commentary 🙂

  • Oh yeah…and if you even consider wearing that big flower headband at your wedding…I’m not sure that we can be cousins anymore! lol!!! Love you <3

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