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Ain’t No Party Like The West Coast Party

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Quite possibly the only thing that could get me more excited than Steph aka Wabbit flying to So Cal for a weekend, is Steph aka Wabbit flying to So Cal for a weekend of Mexican food-binging and a major blitzkrieg of shopping. And oh glory be, that’s ex-actly what transpired a couple weeks ago.

And it really was perfect timing.  That poor, sweet child hadn’t seen sunshine and temps above 30 degrees in months. Watching her hang her head out the car window and soak up sun was like watching Andy get a sweet taste of freedom for the very first time:

Post pick-up from the LA airport and after a grueling 2-hour drive through smoggy brown traffic that made me feel like Michael Douglas in the 90s movie FALLING DOWN, we were coasting into the breezy, tranquil little beach town of Solana Beach, just outside San Diego and home to the glorious Cedros Avenue Design District.

The Cedros district is five magical blocks of furniture and home design boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants.  It’s like a design lover’s Disney World. Upon parking we were totally giddy, and not just cause I’d promised Steph some lobster tacos later.

Our first sojourn was into SOLO, a big, breezy, 4,000 square foot restored warehouse that showcases dee-licious furniture and decor from a handful of indie designers.  ***Note: Turn this song on before continuing…

The store was chock full of mid-century modern and vintage American furniture, semi-precious jewelry, THE prettiest stationery you ever did see, world-traveled antiques, and industrial refurbished furniture.

Everything evoked an ooooooh from the both of us – ranging from this breathtakingly cool and unique chandelier, from Nashville artist Ruby Lang

…to these perfectly kitschy vintage polka dot tumblers…

…to this gorgeous mercury glass-type glassware…

…or this one-of-a-kind South American rug that I regret every day for not purchasing…

Annnnnd behold these sublime wrapping papers…

Go on, take in the smells of the Voluspa candles all around you…


Anyway, after several impromptu photo shoots featuring the store’s goods and wiping up after ourselves (gross!), we meandered over to Pink Lagoon, a clothing boutique tucked into a corner of the District and containing the sassiest clothing.  Kinda like a beachside version of Intermix, the store carries lines like Joie and Alive & Olivia (aka clothes Lauren Conrad wears frequently). Yours truly walked out with the below shirt (right), hollar:

If Pink Lagoon is cute little Skipper, we upped it a notch to Evening Gown Barbie and walked over to Tucci.

A good clothing store is one that takes a couple rednecks from the Midwest and makes them feel like little goddesses, if even for just a few minutes.  This store – though pretty high end – prides itself on making each customer feel comfortable.  It worked – I felt no discomfort SHELLING OUT 200 SMACKS ON A PAIR OF JEANS.

After a quick bite at nummy Zinc Cafe & Market

… we found ourselves trying on cute kicks at Cedros Soles.

Last but not least, we headed over to Bixby & Ball.

Holy breath of fresh air.  B&B (appropriate moniker) is well, like a little B&B.  But it’s a home design store straight out of Coastal Living (and y’all know how I feel about that mag).  Like the other stores, this is a welcoming, airy place that smells of ocean air and sweet candles the moment you walk in.  And for anyone who caught Steph’s John Robshaw post, feast your eyes on these JR pillows, quilts and fabric swatches below.  A frickin’ sensory overload.  The smell of fresh, clean linens and sweet Easter lilies from my grandma’s flower bed would make this experience complete.

But, well, everything must come to an end… and it was time for us to head to Ocean Beach for the infamous lobster tacos, and well, a liiiiiiiiiiittle misbehaving.

It’s not the same without you here, Wabbit, but I’ll see you soon!

“Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?” – Richard Bach


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