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Sweet & Simple Winter White Wedding: Rachel & Mus

The stunning photos are the work of Madison-based photographer Jennifer McCarty.

I couldn’t resist sharing the gorgeous photos of my dear friend & college roommate Rachel’s recent nuptials to her longtime (and bi-continental) love, Mus.  Short for “Mustafa,” but affectionately known as “Moosie” or – my personal favorite – “Moooo-FASAAAAAA.”  They met over 5 years ago in Ibiza – she was there on a weekend vacation while studying at NYU Madrid, and he was an artist living the Canary Islands.  Mary (college bestie) and I were in Spain visiting Rach the week after she’d met Mus, and I’d never in my life seen anyone so goo goo about a boy.

Those crazy kids stayed hopelessly devoted to one another – despite years of living on different continents – and tied the knot just a few short weeks ago in her homeland of Wisconsin.  Look at the cake toppers Mus made (!)

When I was a little girl, I thought I wanted a big fat wedding at Versailles, with trumpets and fireworks and 500 people.  And maybe a parade.  But the older I get, the more I think – when I meet the boy who is 2 parts Jake Gyllenhal, 1 part Marky Mark, and 1 part Ryan Gosling – I would much rather do something simple and intimate, like my girl Rach did.

To the Bride & Groom:  Wishing you both all the joy, laughter, love and happiness in the world for years to come.

Je vous aime bien!

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