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Poufs (!)

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When my college buddy Rachel was on her way to Morocco last month and said, “let me know if you guys want me to bring you anything back!”, I thought she might be kidding.  So I said, “ooooooh (!)  How about some POUFS!”  And then, on New Year’s Eve, I got a sweet little package at my door with the butteriest, tawny leather pouf covers in it.  Aren’t they gorgeous??!  And what’s more, you stuff them with old clothes (like say, the Goodwill pile that’s in the corner of your closet??)  So if you’re on the fence about getting rid of a few things – even if you haven’t worn em in years – this is a good way to get them outta the way without really tossing em.  My perfect little poufs haven’t found a permanent home yet, but are currently nestled on that pretty purple rug in the dining room.

If you want some poufs of your own and don’t have any buddies jet-setting this month, check out this eBay site.  They have poufs in a myriad of colors for only about $109 each.

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