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Happy Birthday Karrie!

Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends and hands-down favorite co-blogger! 29 + a handfulla years ago today, this little hoodlum came into the world, grâce à Tina:

Karrie and I have known each other since the golden age (the 80’s)… but we didn’t become thick-as-thieves until we were both part of a gaggle of misfits known as the Muncie Burris Owls Cheerleading squad.

She was a smart-mouthed junior, and I was a freshman who had zero regard for things like boundaries or seniority.  So when I thought Karrie was getting a little too big for her britches on the bus one day, I shoved my ice cream cone into her forehead.  That clenched our friendship.

Fast forward about 17 years, and we haven’t grown up one bit.

Karrie is the friend who is always there, no matter what.  If she was in a meeting with J.Lo and I called, she would be like, “Hold that thought, Jenny from the Block – this is important.”  She’s the friend who is always overly generous and thoughtful but never expects anything in return…  the friend who values and nurtures relationships with her girlfriends above all else…  and the friend who I can say anything terrible, embarrassing or inappropriate to, and I know she won’t only not judge me, she’ll be like, “Honey, come sit by me.  Let’s eat some Velveeta and talk about it.” – and then commiserate with me and dispense sage advice.  Or just follow-up with something even more inappropriate.  Or honestly…  this might also happen:

She’s the best.

So in honor of her birthday, I wanted to share 5 things you may not know about Karrie:

1.  Her super glam job is to create reality TV shows.  Some of her company’s shows include The Taste and Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.  I swear I get emails every other day that say things like, “I just had a meeting with 50 Cent.”  And I’m all, “Huh?  I just saw someone’s spleen explode.  Also, Gus has a headache.”

2.  She once engaged in a Taco Bell-eating contest with a 300-lb man.  I never actually heard the outcome, but my money’s on Karrie.  If you’re ever within 6 ft of her while she’s taking down a nacho supreme, kindly be advised to keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle.

3.  She’s an avid painter.  She did a similar verison of this painting and it’s currently hanging in her living room in Santa Monica.

4.  Karrie travels the world for work and is in Europe a few times a year.  Her favorite place ever is Positano.

5.  She’s always doing ridiculously cool things like renting pool boys for her friends’ bachelorette parties (and giving them explicit instructions not to wear shirts, even when it’s 60 degrees and raining – sorry Dennis)…  having a life-sized Beyoncé made for the photo booth at a birthday party…  and going to work dressed as Coco from Ice Loves Coco.

Happy Birthday, you floozy!  I hope Teem is taking you to Gjelina for a butterscotch pot-de-crême tonight….  or better yet, has this waiting for you when you get home.


See ya in NYC next month!!


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