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Saturday Morning Mishmash

sigh, saturday

Good MORNIN Sugarplums!!!  Happy Saturday!  You know what my favorite thing to do on a weekend morning is, so, I’ll tee it up while you refill your coffee…

first I drink the coffee | covet living

This antique poppy in coral from Spoonflower of all places is amazing.  And it’s a dead ringer for Raoul Textiles, but at a teeny fraction of the price.  Can you picture it as drapery panels or a big gorgeous roman shade in a kiddo’s room?  I can.  And I DIE.

antique poppy

My every (single) day, fave hairdo.

fave hairdo

This kitchen makes me so (so) happy.  Between the arched glass pantry door, the giant demijohn lamps on the console/island, and the dough bowl, it’s the warmest/fuzziest thing I ever did see.

kitchen warmth | covet living

And it makes me almost as happy as things like this.  Which is what my entire Instagram feed looks like.  Karrie asked me the other day what she needed to do to make sure I didn’t become a dog lady someday, and I was like, “Psssht – fat chance.”

golden retriever in lake | covet living

Cuz this is legit going down.  Sorry Karrie.

puppy class | covet living

One more.  I meaaaan…..


Moving along.. the gorgeous paint color of this dresser totally inspired me to refinish my next piece of furniture in whatever that hazy grey-blue is.  I also just had my Modern Farmhouse client in Ohio do her playroom built-ins in it.


Hello, Spring.


What my life in Cali feels like…

straw hat

summer surf

life in cali

I got this yesterday from my buddy Mully.  Heavens, he’s so right.  We’re a long long way from Kansas Ohio and where we were 2 years ago, Campers.


Speaking of that place that starts with an O, *this* is a solid reminder it took me a long time to realize and could’ve saved me a LOT of grief had I understood it sooner. But ye know – it’s a journey.

never argue

WHAT is this glorious print and can I put it on (anything/everything)??  …jk, it’s Persia Black on Taj Ecru from Quadrille and it’s to die.

persia in black

Take me back to there, svp. #tuscany


What my someday dream home dreams are made of. brass and marble

Every now and again I appreciate a good crisp, white linen lampshade, but most of the time it puts me to sleep.  A super easy way to customize whatchoo got goin’ on and warm things up / introduce some color & texture to your space is to have your existing shades recovered in a favorite fabric.  Karrie & I are doing this in her dining room with her wee chandelier shades (prob doing a burlap)… Bunny Williams has this whole collection which is so cozy I can’t take it, but also so expensive I could never afford it:

Bunny Williams Home Shades

So thank heavens there are lovely Etsy sellers like this one who do custom shades in baller fabrics at a fraction of the cost.  Like these… which would be AMAZING on some crystal wall sconces:

Sconce Shades

Speaking of sconces… this is the most drool-worthy one I’ve eva seen.

favorite sconce ever | covet living

Love Loren Hope’s photog skills almost as much as her jewelry.  I’d like this blown up into a massive print to put in my dining room, thannnnksss guuuuuuuuurl.

waves and whitewater

This one is also amazing:


My **FAAAAVORITE** white wine.  Not sure where its been all my life but if I was once lost, now I’m found.  My girlfriend Becky brought it over the other night for dinner.  Bonus: it’s $10.99 at Trader Joe’s.

pine ridge chenin blanc and viognier

Behold: the perfect jeans + white tee combo.


Loving this print from Scalamandre… Bali in Roses & Moss.

scalamandre fabric


best nail color

Dallas Shaw’s Insta, which is a sea of dreamy pink eye candy.

dallas shaw instagram

Clayton Sconces by AERIN for Circa Lighting.  #nomnomnom

Clayton Wall Sconce

So sweating Gigi Hadid’s style these days.

gigi hadid malibu tee

Please, get in my (beach) house now.

rug love

I’ll take a coupla you, too.

bella cane stool

Who knows when or if I’ll ever find someone I’d like to marry, but when/if I do, I’d like to wear THIS gown by Liz Martinez… GASP.  That is the most stunning wedding gown I’ve ever seen.

best wedding dress ever

On that tangent… it’s funny how your priorities shift as you get older.  Every girl’s got a dream about what she wants her wedding to be like, and I’m sure if you’d asked me 10 years ago, it would’ve been a REAL big to-do / fuss.  And now, I’m like, howsabout just give me the most amazing person (ever), maybe a simple but beautiful antique ring from Tadema Gallery down there (or just a simple pavé band), a handfulla good friends and family, a beach and a taco truck, and I’m cool.


Kenil in Indigo Textile from Penny Morrison.  You could use it for pillows or upholstery, or you could just frame it b/c it’s so beautiful.

kenil in indigo | penny morrison

I DIED yesterday over this stunning tile design, via my dear friend and fellow designer, Cory McCrummen.

tile cory mccrummen design | covet living

The perfect weekend outfit.

weekend uniform | covet living

Just about the only philosophy you’ll ever need…

joy in the ordinary

The most perfect candle scent, ever that I picked up from Pigment as a Christmas gift for my girl Caitlin, but haven’t been able to find since.  Pomegranate Citrus by Capri Blue.

capri blue pomengranate citrus

a) I need these immediately, b) somewherelately is a great follow.

steve madden pumps

I ran across TONS of amazing hardware when I was scouring the universe for Karrie & Tim’s house… these pulls are so unique and would be amazing on an island, or on a refinished dresser:

cast brass pulls

I need this jumpsuit, stat.

white jumpsuit

I’d also take a handfulla these to hang down a long hallway. #perfection… and #bonus – they’re under $200 each at Wayfair.

Wayfair Hayden Pendant

Hello, lover.

Picture 14079

Picture 14079

Take me to there.

somewhere lately pool

AND I’m off to make breakfast.  This is a go-to: sautéed spinach (set aside), then roasted tomatoes, then scramble eggs + a handfulla feta + cilantro, then toss the veggie mix back in, then top with fresh avocado.

steph's go-to break

Have a great weekend, you little love nuggets!!


Steph's Scanned Signature

Scenes From Our Weekend

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Hello darlings! Happy Tuesday. This past weekend we were lucky enough to have our third bestie, Melissa, in LA for werk and it was perfect, cause she got to stay at my crib in Santa Monica, and the three of us spent hours doing what we do best: being scrubs on the couch just catching up, celebrating her birthday out at a freaking delicious restaurant in LA, and honestly, just being in each other’s presence. Which, when you live on opposite sides of the country, totally becomes enough, amiright?

PS, I will say the only drawback to having these two at our crib is having to let them borrow your only apartment gate key:

Here are some scenes from our time together!

Scopa | Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

On Friday night we celebrated Melissa’s birthday at Scopa in Venice. TUH DIE FUAH.

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Have I mentioned how much I love this camera? Best gift ever.

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

The birthday princess, which is what I called Melissa the whole time she was in LA

Scopa | Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Speaking of to die for: The Fluffernutter: A fried marshmallow filled with marshmallow, peanut butter and bananas. YOU GUYS.

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Post Fluffernutter slobfest… whoops

The next day we got up for a 10 mile hike, followed by a brisk swim in the ocean.

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Just kidding, we woke up and went to brunch.

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

We ended up at Hinterland in Santa Monica, which is awesome…

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

…And not just cause they’ve got Karrie & Tim’s EXACT bedroom sconces

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

The drinks and food are yummy…

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Including this spanish omelet. We highly rec this place.

Steph | Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

After brunch, on our way to dropping Melissa off at the airport, we stopped by Covet Living Casa to show her the updated place (ignore the gross exterior… that’ll be Phase 2):

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

And AFTER we dropped her off, Steph and I came back to the Casa to get to work and pick out the paint for the walls:

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living


Annnnnd we have a winner, folks!

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

This is is the living room color we went with. HOLLAR!

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Afterwards we met up with our girl Michelle and checked out Karrie’s new back yard (give or take a mile and a half): the beach in Playa del Rey. Not too shabby.

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

Then it was home to these two… We’re not sure if they’re brothers or boyfriends, but we’re PRETTY sure Kilroy (left) takes full advantage of being left home alone with GusGus (right). #doggylube

Scenes From Our Weekend | Covet Living

And well, we ended the night with THIS. Masks, ice cream, sweatpants, and probably a movie on the TV that Steph fell asleep to within two minutes of watching. And that’s how we do.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


karrie and steph signature