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Golden Globes Recap 2019

Where to even begin?? How about right here… because my reaction looked JUST LIKE GLENN CLOSE’S FACE first looked when I was trying to register the news that Gaga didn’t win Best Actress. Utter disbelief. I thought we were having another Warren Beatty / La La Land / Moonlight moment. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

I love Glenn and I do still need to see The Wife… and I thought it was very telling that on her way to the podium she only stopped to hug Lady Gaga – who you could tell even she thought was a lock for the award (she even told Natalie Morales that she didn’t prepare a speech b/c she knew Gaga was going to win). And Gaga’s gracious reaction and telling Glenn to “go get it!” made me love her even more.

And then… DAYUM. I give Glenn Close the Golden Globe for best acceptance speech. So moving and so spot-on that I’m posting the entire thing:

That said… after last night I’m curious if the Hollywood Foreign Press actually watched A Star Is Born. I also just saw this online which is hilarious and what I was thinking verbatim. Couldn’t have said it better sister!

Best Actress was for sure the biggest upset… and I knew the Best Actor race was gonna be a close overtime thriller b/w Bradley & Rami, though I still thought Bradley would edge it out. Rami Malek really was amazing though – his performance made that movie.

But the Roma guy beating out B-Coop in the Best Director category was when I started to snort and throw things and yell, because WHAT IS THIS CONSPIRACY. Then, when Bohemian Rhapsody won Best Picture – I just sat with my arms crossed and shook my head, like a 4-year old. Bohemian Rhapsody was really entertaining and I did like it (Karrie did not – she thought it was full of fluff, and I don’t totally disagree on the fluffy bit) – but like it as I may – it is just not even in the same stratosphere as A Star Is Born. I didn’t even want to see A.S.I.B. – I’ve never been a huge Gaga fan, and I didn’t take Bradley Cooper all that seriously – but I walked out of that theater with such mad respect for both of them. That movie jarred and gutted me, then stayed with me for weeks – and I think that’s just about everyone’s reaction who’s seen it. Nothing I’ve seen this year has even come close to how powerful that movie was. Even Chris said last night: “I can’t believe the only movie that’s ever made me feel (like that) came up empty.” I’m saying double or nothin’ at the Oscars. Bradley & Gaga are due some major props. I may personally picket outside the Academy’s window from now until the then.

Phew, moving on… I love to see all the boys embracing velvet.

Knockout! I love a lady in pink sequins – one of my favorites. Her skin also looked INSANE.

Carol Burnett was so, so good. I cried. Love her and used to watch her with my grandparents when I was little. What a class act.

Hands-down Best Dressed.

Hands-down her best accessory. That is one dapper man. And they are royalty.

Speaking of dapper… Rami Malek might be my Best Dressed Man. We all know from the 4-page monologue above that I was bummed to not see Bradley take Best Actor, but Rami really was amazing as Freddie Mercury. Lucy’s skin’s lookin real dewy and lovely too.

PS, OMG I would like to congratulate Bradley Cooper on his engagement to a tween model WHO BY THE WAY IS SO STUNNING SHE NEEDN’T EVEN WEAR ONE OUNCE OF JEWELRY and only a hint of makeup. Just kidding, she’s 33 but DAMN GIRL. Gorgeous as she is, he still might be prettier.

Did anyone notice that Jamie Lee Curtis & Richard Gere had THE EXACT SAME HAIR??? My girl Kendra who I was watching the show with pointed that out, and I’m not sure anyone has ever been so right about anything, ever.

Keri Russell was a VISION. She’s another Best Dressed for me. And her not taking home Best Actress in a TV Drama for the last season of the Americans – arguably her best ever on the series – was a shame, I thought. Felicity or bust.

BUT – at least the show won for best TV Drama – that was so well-deserved.

Jeff Bridges was great. I especially enjoyed the part when he went totally rogue and Chris Pine was chuckling in the background.

So chic. One of her best ever.

While we’re on that peacock-y jewel-toned note… I thought Gemma Chan looked INSANELY BEAUTIFUL.

And while we’re talking about peekaboo pants… I audibly gasped at Julia. She is JUST lovely. All of it. I’m glad to see her aging gracefully and that her face (up close) doesn’t have that glassy botox’d look – I don’t know that she’s ever looked better. Fun fact: we see the same esthetician in LA.


I love Timothée Chalamet. I loved Beautiful Boy, even though it was heart-wrenching to watch. I also can’t wait to watch him do his trapeze artist routine at the after party. #barnumandbaileys

Speaking of Beautiful Boy, I thought Steve Carell was so so good in the role as David Sheff, and even though I know these things are a tight squeeze, I thought he could’ve been in the running with a nomination.

Did anyone else notice that Miss Golden Globe (Isan Elba) was legit falling asleep on stage towards the end of the night?! I wish I had a pic of it. Somebody needs to spike that girl’s Shirley Temple with some Monster next time.

One of my favorite speeches. She is a hoot. And I didn’t realize until she thanked Melissa McCarthy for the sandwiches THAT THEY DON’T FEED THE CELEBS ANYTHING BUT BOOZE at the Globes.

All that booze and no grub is a recipe for someone like Christian Bale to say he drew inspiration from Satan to play Dick Cheney in Vice, which made me snort and cackle. That was probably one of the only non-PC things anyone said last night.

I love her, and she is intergalactic and svelte, but this def reminds me of the inside of the armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias.

I think she could’ve lost the cape, but my take away was the color combo of what’s happening underneath – the bright emerald + peach + chartreuse + lilac is something I would want to paint an abstract piece with.

The bejeweled bikini meets ballerina look was fun for her.

Kaley C was totally channeling Jennifer Aniston – did you guys notice that?  So cute and classic and comfortable in her skin and natural.  Her hair wasn’t anything fancy but I didn’t mind it.

I wish I could find a better shot, but her earrings might’ve been the most BOMB part of this whole thing.


I think it was Brad Goreski who said before the show that he *hoped* she would do something edgy and not dress like her character, and I couldn’t have agreed more. She did still look lovely and that color is beautiful, but I thought she looked very much like Mrs. Maisel.

OMG THE BOW!  The BOW!  One of my favorites of the night. In other news – and this is nothing new – she has the CUTEST ACCENT EVER. I also now really want to see the Gianni Versace movie.

Charlize Theron looks beautiful and put-together and also like the most statuesque perfume bottle I’ve ever seen.

This is 52. The only thing I would’ve left behind is the Rapunzel ponytail extension, which Kristin Cavallari wore as well and which I completely do not get.

I actually really liked this. You know I can’t say no to ruffles & doilies.

Also always love a deep V and LOVE me some velvet, but I could’ve used about 1/2″ more of fabric on either side, for areola’s sake.

I love Julianne Moore. So much. I think she is a supreme talent and a beauty no matter what she does. And as a fellow coffee & red wine drinker, I can say that I’d be more than happy to split a box of Crest Whitestrips with her. Spesh if either of us is going to wear white that bright. That actually hurt me to type out loud, but it does boggle my mind.

I loved this!  And I also thought Constance Wu was naked at first glance. PS WHERE WAS HENRY GOLDING? AKA the most handsome man on the planet.

Crouching lizard hidden pleather. She’s a boss but I didn’t get this at all.

Another lady I have mad respect for is Claire Foy, and this dress was so beautiful but I can’t figure out why someone didn’t tailor the bust of it.

For a second I thought Amber Heard was actually Sharon Stone, hot-mess-drunk at an awards show in the 90’s. She’s a beautiful girl but this was a miss for me.

I loved it. It totally reminded me of a bridesmaid’s dress the exact same color that I wore in 2000 in my friend Erica’s wedding, but I thought it was rad.

Emma Stone is a champ and is HILARIOUS in The Favourite, but I couldn’t figure out why she came dressed as Julie Andrews. It’s just a bit too octogenarian for her.

Thandie Newton’s hair = my spirit animal. Her smoky eye is gorge. Stunnah.

Love Sandra and Andy individually, but eh. The jokes fell a little flat for me. It made me miss people like Ellen and Tina Fey + Amy Poehler hosting.

Last but not least… I can sit over here and make observations about some of the most talented & beautiful people on the planet, because this is what I look like when I wake up in the morning. With Chewbacca’s hair and the face of a drunk toddler.

All I got, Campers! What did you think?







Currently Loving {12.30.18}

GREETINGS from the Arctic Tundra!! Hope you guys had a great holiday and that your pants are tight and you’re logging lots of time with loved ones and still in your fuzzy socks (like yours truly).

I feel like I’ve heard every other person I know say they’re taking off until January 7th, which I think (if you can do) is A BRILLIANT IDEA… cuz this is what 2018 felt like:

So fun, but INSANE. So, I’m trying to pull a January 7th myself. I haven’t slept past 5:30am in ages and I slept a cool 10-12 hours a night (like a LOG) when we were home for the holidays, then would fall asleep sitting up watching movies during the day in my cocoon of sweatpants. I didn’t even know I needed it but man, it was stellar. And now that we’re home, I just want to spend some time with my boys – whom I feel like I have neglected this year because I was never not on a plane and when I was home, I did not exercise good work-life balance (whoops)… So today, I turned on my out of office and am going to Spring clean, relax, ski, sleep, and drink gallons of green juice to counteract the carb-rabbit-hole I went down this past week. I also have resolutions on the brain – one of which is blogging more frequently. I swear it’s good for the soul. What do you guys want to see more of, btw?

On that note, let’s play a round of Currently Loving – shall we? (Pssst! Click on the images to link to their sources).

First of all, these tamales are the best things you can buy at Costco right now.  We have friends coming in for New Years for a few days to hang and ski, and we bought a slew for easy breakfasts: with over medium eggs + avocado + Cholula? BOOM. I’ve already had them for breakfast and lunch today. Ask me how my green juice initiative is going.

Look at the door glazing (and hardware) detail:

So beautiful. I wish I dressed like this more often… (those boots are bananas, btw)…

Instead, I dress more like this on the reg. PS, these are the best sweatpants I have ever owned.


Hands down THE most beautiful side table I have ever seen. I am so jonesing for this for my office – I reached out to the artist, Christopher Stuart (who’s a hop-skip from my hometown in Indiana!) but I may have to wait till I hit the big(ger) leagues for that bad boy… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Who wants this for dinner tonight?

The most beautiful plumbing suite in the history of ever, from Barber Wilsons & Co. The Brits know wassup.

Have. you. ever. in. your. life.

One of the prettiest rugs I’ve seen in awhile. Just used it in a project I’ll show ya this Spring 😉 Drift Home is probably my new favorite rug outfit for Moroccans in particular. The shop owner, Nataliya, is also a GEM.

I also love this one – “Inca Trail.” I never met a pink rug I don’t like. I think lilacs and rosy hues throw a lot of people, but you know why I love them? Because so many of us decorate with so much blue and green – so many cool colors – that I feel like a little warmth & whimsy on the floor can be a really beautiful complement to those.

Pink isn’t everybody’s thing, but in general, I do find that clients get really caught up in feeling like evvvvvverrything needs to match – or just in one color palette or style altogether. Which – when you install an entire space that way – the room falls really flat (e.g. all greys, all “industrial modern” furniture, etc etc). This is where the trust factor comes in and if you’re working with a designer, you gotta pour yourself a stiff cocktail and let go of the reigns. I mean… if you don’t listen to me, listen to the inimitable Summer Thorton (Cliffs Notes: the part covered up at the bottom is: Matching is for amateurs.”)

Totally reminds me of the master shower we did at Casa Covet Living – may actually be the exact same tile. But looks like they used copper plumbing fixtures, which is an unexpected and really beautiful choice!

Still my favorite armoire ever. I’m opening up a new(er) office that’s an Elk-Ave-facing storefront in about a month and trying to decide between doing one or two of these (plus some tile storage somewhere) or custom cabinetry. New office in a WHOLE OTHER post though…

Holy Hell, that’s a dress.

Pulled this from the Covet Living archives ca. 2010 – I have no idea how I ran across it, but I still love it so.

My new favorite fabric from Beata Heuman. I just twisted my homegirl in Charleston’s arm to have her little boy’s euro shams done in it – and I’m not even horn-tooting when I quote her reaction – just reminding you to trust your designers, people: “THESE ARE BAD ASS! Good call Ballard – I adore. Seriously the coolest fabric in the history of ever.”

Dying over these for our Hawaii trip in February.

Also, I sprung for my first Kiini on Shopbop over Black Friday cuz they had a bunch of separates on super clearance (like $30 a pop) and I’m now a believer. The detail is meticulous and the fit is superb. I’ve been pinning them and putting them on wishlists for YEARS – bout time I ponied up.

Speaking of getting in a bikini… I have posted these Pumpkin Beer Pretzels with Chipotle Queso no less than 75x and never made them. I’ll start Operation Hawaii as soon as I slam a few of these on New Years Day.

Doesn’t get much more straightforward than this. If you’re a person who makes resolutions, this is probably a good place to generate some idears.

Fresh new score for a client’s bathroom. And if it doesn’t work there, there are a few other folks in line for it. That shot of green is SUPER rare to see. We almost got one like this for Karrie’s nursery but some ho bag snatched it out from under us and I never thought I’d see another one.

I have loved the Cameron Lamp from Visual Comfort since somewhere around the beginning of time. It is sadly insanely expensive ($3300), but a girl can dream. You know I swoon over anything white, sculptural and made of natural stone (trimmed in brass).

This paint color is to die. Amie Corley’s portfolio is saccharin-filled and swoon-worthy.

I have major JOMO and I wish I was sorry about it.

Found this antique dough bowl last week antiquing in Carmel, IN. You know I can’t say no to a lilac-y pink patina (but I did say no to the $495 price tag). Wondering if I should go back to Round Top this year? I thought it was kind of a bust last year, but also not sure I have the will power to stay away from a 10-mile long antique festival. It’s the thrill of the hunt.

We ALMOST used this tile (Tabarka’s Palio) in Karrie’s kitchen 3 years ago, and we both love it still. Saving for my next extra special project (*cough* Jamie – should we entertain for Cade’s bath?!)

Vintage Gerald Thurston for Lightolier lamps, as seen on 1st Dibs about 8 years ago… I think I sobbed when I realized they were $7000 for the pair… then a few months later, found the exact same ones in white (!) at an antique store in Chicago for $500 DOLLARS FOR THE PAIR. To this day, it felt like stealing. I would cry tears down my leg if I ever saw the black version with the finials intact, comme ça.

New ring swag for Christmas!

Dying over this guy! Guglielmo Berchicci for Kundalini. Say that 7 times fast.

Have a Happy, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And, if you’ve made it to the bottom of this post:

a) Bless you, and

b) For real – if there’s anything you want to see (or see more of) in 2019, let us know!! Is it Design Tips, DJ playlists, Renovation advice, Fashion, Fashion Recaps (PSST! The Globes are on next Sunday 1/6!), etc? Ask and you shall receive.