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Steph’s Lust List

Between magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and the blogosphere, there’s WAY too much out there to keep track of all the eye candy that blows up my shorts, so when I see it, I screen shot it.  And it usually gets swallowed up by the big black hole that is my phone, and then goes to die with thousands of its friends on the island of misfit photos.  But let’s resurrect some of those pretty little things, shall we?

I’ve never been able to keep my wits together around Adam + Viktoria pillows – sold through Mecox (view all the pretty pillows over on Lisa Fontanarosa’s website).  They are luscious and so exquisitely made – velvet appliques on linen.  #nomnomnom

No, I’m not in the market for a sparkler…  but I am totally loving Andee Layne’s OPI “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons” nude polish for summer.

Cursive “love” ring from Pigment – a sweet little gift-y shop in North Park (San Diego).  Hey.  It’s a place holder.

The aqua tile with the gold inlay from Exquisite Surfaces (Laguna Showroom, to the trade only).  Le sigh.

Best / easiest way, ever, to cook salmon:  wrap a salmon steak (tightly) in aluminum foil with a few lemon slices, a few pads of butter, and then I usually sprinkle a little fresh dill, salt & pepper on it.  Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Comes out perfect EVERY time.

The softest, prettiest linen I ever did see at the Becky Walker Showroom…  also to the trade only.  I’m a total slut for even putting it on here.

If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should.  I mean.  I think she was a tickle in her mom’s drawers when I was graduating high school, but this little fashionista is wise and fashion-forward beyond her years.  Great daily dose of style.  She’s also so stunning it’ll make you wanna barf.

O&L’s Japonerie wallcovering, via Alex Kaehler’s Insta.  Love it.  I just ordered samples and they’re even lovelier in person.  Also comes in a pale silvery-and-white colorway that is TO DIE.

The best-smelling hairspray that ever lived, says my college bestie Mary.

Cassandra LaValle aka Coco Kelley couldn’t set an ugly table if she tried.

Karrie swears by this.  I *^%$ hate foundation.  But she put this on me, and then I didn’t hate foundation anymore.

Can’t wait to try it.

Dying to rent it.

Just scored this vintage Stroheim fabric on eBay.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I couldn’t help myself.  More yardage here.

Perfect little summertime staple for the pool.  No longer online but available in Zara stores.

Keeping the sun off my face with this happy hat I nabbed at Marshall’s for a song. It’s a nice pop of pigment since my wardrobe (including the bikini I’m living in this summer – not this one) is white, white and white.

I need Santa to bring these to me immediately.

Long live the 90’s!  These are amazing.

That’s all I got!  Happy Hump Day!  PS: I hate to brag, but my Pinterest boards are killer.  Are you following me yet?  …you should be.


Bachelorette Recap: Venice

1.  I meeeeeean…  What do I have to do to win a free trip to eh-Venezia?  …Get an IV of Mountain Dew and smack a loaduh pomade in my hair and coif my front 7 hairs into a little rip curl?  Not brush my teeth for 5 years so that the two front ones meld together with plaque??  Fer $*#()$*(#)’s sake.  Adiamo!

2.  Speaking of teeth.  I’ll be the first one to admit she’s a beautiful girl… and also that she has a beautiful mouth full of itsy bitsy Chicklet teeth.

3.  I would bet my left areola that Cody is 5′4″ in real life.  Maybe 5′8″ if you count the rip curl.  And while I DO love to rip on Rip Curl and DON’T necessarily appreciate his hairdo, affinity for tanning beds or red Chuck Taylors, I do *totally* appreciate the kid’s enthusiasm and think he has a really good heart.  And it broke mine a little to watch her give him da boot.  What a good attitude he has though – gotta give him props for that.  If I’m ever at Malibu Sun or the Bally Total Fitness in Chicago, I’ll totally give him a big hug.

4.  I positively cannot take the Suave commercials.  It’s like watching a bad audition.  Or listening to nails on a chalkboard.  Or watching yourself on camera.  If I scream “mercy!!!” will ABC make it stop?

5.  Nick is like a curly-headed toddler who just nomnomnom’d on a mouth fulla rocks.  I just don’t get the allure.  Also..  something’s off.  I can’t tell if he just annoys me when he talks…  if I feel like something’s REAL shady… or if I feel like maybe he’s hiding something – like a coupla dead people chopped up in the basement.  PS: “In his tux he looks like a Prince,” she says???  Does she mean Le Petit Prince? Dessin-moi un mouton!

6.  Raise your hand if you are still under the guise that Josh isn’t a total player…  wait, hang on… is it still raised??  Now go ahead and smack yourself with it.

7.  OMG…  The lie detector test is the best *$#()*$#() I’ve ever seen.  I especially enjoyed watching Josh sweat bullets and get his little white cotton under panties in a wad.  ”If you have trust in somebody, why you gotta make ‘em take a lie detector test?” = GUILTY.

8.  WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAT??!!  …I HAVE NO WORDS.  Honey, getcher Scotch tape out and go fish that outta the trash can NOW!!

9.  Loooooooooooook who’s sittin’ pretty after she tore up the lie detector test results.  Mmmmmmhmm.  She IS a smart girl.  Her intuition is spot-on.  And I feel like I’m gonna verp whenever he comes onscreen.  Also…  sweet scarf.  Hashtag, NOT.

10.  Timeout.  a) Bill Nye is still here?  b) Did I hear him correctly?  Did he just say he was good in the sack?  c) I’ll give one million dollars to anyone who can tell me what a Pantsapreneur is.  d) If he’s a Pantsapreneur, then why is he 6′7″ and wear a pair of matchstick pants with a 14″ inseam to the rose ceremony??  …just sayin’.

11.  God bless America.  Of COURSE he’s the Secret Admirer.  AND in dimples & a matching DILF sweater to boot…  yumyumnumnum.  PS, I know someone who has that exact sweater.  PPS, if Chris doesn’t win, I give up.

12.  Who wore it better??

13.  Girl can rock some GREAT side boob.  I give her mad props for her wardrobe this year.

14.  Marcus is going to MELT – somebody get the poor kid a towel.  If his face is that sweaty, I don’t even wanna know what’s going on in his grundle.

15.  What was Steamy McDreamboat AKA Dylan wigging out about after his lie detector test??

16.  WHAT in the name of Sam Hill is that hat.  I can’t take it.

That’s all I got!  What did I miss, Campers??