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Motivation Mondays


I recently read an article about how modern society is becoming a civilization of zombies… people walking thoughtlessly through the streets with blank stares focused down on their phones.  The photos that accompanied the article – masses of people walking down a sidewalk staring at their phones; or someone strolling head down, unaware, through an intersection – were frightening and hit close to home. Way too close to home.  They made me realize that I need to focus less on finding the perfect pic to take and more on the life that’s happening live, right in front of me.  I know it’s easier said than done, but if I put it out here, maybe that’ll make it more official?

Anybody else feel they need to do the same?


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  • Yes, me! This post speaks to me! I need to let the phone go more… ugh, just so hard.

  • Great post and so true. I want to take pictures of all the pretty things happening in life, but at the same time, isn’t it more fulfilling to actually witness them in person? Food for thought. Thanks for the post 🙂 – Ashleigh

  • YES. Thank you for saying that. I also read something recently about the death of 35mm camera film that was like, “you know, we didn’t have the luxury of seeing it before we had it developed, but that also meant we were so much more in-the-moment. We took the pic and moved on. We took 24 pics instead of 2000, that we later have to labor-intensively go back through and edit, etc. Plus, how fun was the anticipation of picking up your pictures after they’ve been developed?” That made a lot of sense to me. Matt and I have also instituted a “no phones after 8pm” rule. I think being attached to the phone ALSO makes it impossible to compartmentalize work life from home life. I’m always on edge / anxious / stressed because of that.

  • Yup, Amen sister. That’s a great rule to have. And interesting what they wrote about 35mm. xoxo

  • mean ol' uncle frank

    ummmm…picture of the grand canyon….are you trying to tell me something……?

  • mean ol' uncle frank

    Suggestion: Ditch Facebook and Instagram if you want to stop living your life in bytes.

  • This is so true. I don’t understand the people of today depending on their phones so much. I have lived longer without a cell phone than I have with one and if I lost mine tomorrow I would be OK with it. People miss what is happening right in front of them because they are looking down. This was a great message. Thank you!

  • I couldn’t agree more. I hate it when I see people sitting next to each other and both are on their phones. Crazy! Talk to the person next to you! I was reading somewhere that the next big thing will be “experiential”, meaning people will pay for an experience, like a zombie hayride instead of going to a movie. What they don’t realize is the experience is all around them, all the time, and free, yet they choose to ignore it.

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