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Friday Favorites – Thanksgiving Style

Happy Friday y’all!  In the spirit of the upcoming day in which we have an excuse to lie on the couch in our elastic sweatpants Turkey Day, we’ve compiled some of our favorite things we’ve seen lately, all Thanksgiving-themed.  Take a gander at these pretty/delicious/adorbs items below!:

1. This gorgeous Ruffoni Copper Sauce Pan. If I were an elegant chef, whipping up some gravy on the big day, this is what I’d imagine my elegant self to be using.  OR if you’ve got a couple sweet amigos who’ll be sweating over the stove for their friends (what up, Beth and Al!), this is a great host gift:

2. Scribble your menu on this cutie patooty chalkboard message board:

3. Hang this Give Thanks garland kit over a mantel to welcome your peeps:

4. Show your hostess with the mostestest your appreciation with a bag of pumpkin coffee – YUM:

5. Serve up some warm spiced pecan pumpkin quick bread with butter in the morning just to stretch out your stomach in preparation for the day’s meal ahead:

6. This pumpkin covered casserole dish:

7. If I had kids, I’d create this adorable Fall Leaf Wreath Kit with them.  Then I’d put them down for a nap and go watch 3 episodes of the Kardashians:

8. Yes.

9. Got a hipster friend?  How about a hipster friend who loves pies?  Well guess what?!  There are pies, pies, and even more pies in this cookbook from the celebrated Brooklyn shop:

10. These art deco lowball glasses are so fragile and feminine and so pretty that they make me warm inside:


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