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Speaking of Lighting… LampGoods on Etsy

Because I’m a freak of nature when it comes to Ball Jars, I got an email from a friend in DC last week asking me to weigh-in on the light fixture below.  My response was:  Uh, mah GAHYES.  Duh.  Purchase it immediately before someone else does.        PS: WHERE did that pretty little thing come from?

Answer:  From a heavenly little Etsy shop called LampGoods.  Not only was the canning-jar-clustered pendant my friend sent me amazing, but when I meandered through the rest of LampGoods’ Etsy Shop, I felt like I’d found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Like, the sort of wide-eyed glee that One-Eyed-Willie from Goonies surely felt when he found the shipwrecked treasure…  well, before he was offed by boobie traps.  Check out some of LampGoods’ other lamp goodies:

OOooooohhhh boY!  I would L-O-V-E these Vintage Hand-Blown Ogunquit Pendants over a kitchen island.  [Insert that gross lip-licking noise my mom makes when she sees Don Draper.]  These are $269 for the pair and SUPER versatile – they’d look amazing in my parents’ very traditional / country house, but I also wouldn’t bat an eyelash before putting them in a contemporary loft.  They’d be perfectly lovely in both.

Does this vintage globe pendant remind you of anything??  Like perhaps maybe some-sing a leet-tell…. LIKE ZEESE?? 

Wassup Jenna Lyons, president/creative-director-at-J.Crew’s bathroom.  I’m not positive, but I’d guess the pendant over her tub is this Niche Modern one…  10″ in diameter and priced at $475 a pop.  The LampGoods Smokeport II Retro LARGE Globe Pendant is 8″ diameter and priced at $99 – the ceiling canopy kits for this one are sold separately and run $10 to $20.  Wuh-BANG that’s a good deal.

Hello, Lover.

I love Ball Jars like a fat kid loves cake.  Er, okay, “Mason” jars in general, but I’m from Muncie, so I bleed Ball.  Anyway, even though this Vintage Blue 3-light pendant reads a bit more rustic/country and would look sooooooo at home over an antique oak pedestal table, it’d be equally as gorgeous juxtaposed over something sleek, like a modern Saarinen-looking table from IKEA.  Pendant Cluster is $189.

Mason jar clustered pendants also come in clear.  Yum.

Retro industrial gas station chic, anyone??  This guy is $59, and nothing short of totally rad.  I think I just wet my pants.

The Waterville Mixed Media Pendant (above) is larger than you think – 11″ tall by 7″ in diameter, $99, and would be so lovely in an entryway…  oooooooh (!)  A chic little one with wallpapered walls.  Like this:


Or this:


When I saw the Iridescent Retro Globe Pendant below…   

…it reminded me of that scene in “You’ve Got Mail” when Greg Kinnear describes Meg Ryan’s shop as having a sort of “Jeffersonian Purity.”  It’s got that same kinda feel.

Another pleasant surprise?  I emailed the artist, Jann, who not only responded quickly to my question (love that), but was entirely gracious and accommodating…  love that even more.  And here’s what I love the most:  girlfriend loves CUSTOM PROJECTS.  If you want to tweak something already for sale, or have something made all your own and use varying sizes or brands of jars, she can do it.  Or if you’re like me and want to use a kajillion canning jars (more “chandelier” than pendant)…  like this…


…guess what?  She’s totally game.

Happy Shopping!


6 Responses to “Speaking of Lighting… LampGoods on Etsy”

  • Stephanie,

    I am so glad you emailed me this link. I LOVE these! I have a collectors book and the old blue glass ball jars with galvanized lids are not worth hardly anything. Around $1-4.00 That is all. So maybe I should do a blue set? Thanks for sharing, You can also check out my blog.

    • Hey Melissa!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it… I remembered your blog and thought of you last week when I posted it. And yeah – the blue guys are so lovely and so inexpensive! If you end up doing a fixture out of them, ooooh pretty please send a pic!

      Hope things are going great for you 🙂 Keep in touch!


  • thanks for the inspiration! just featured the Ball jar lamps on my blog 🙂 love them!

    xx libby

  • Stephanie…I know I am late on this post, just discovered your blog as I was searching mason jar lights..I have an old 70’s ‘wagon wheel’ light that I want to retrofit with mason jars to hang in my studio…thank you for all the wonderful photos and information. I am going to be all over this, the light is so hideous now but I think it will be a winner.

    • Woo hoo Brenda! Go get ’em Tiger – that sounds awesome! Thanks so much for reading, and please send us a pic when it’s finished!

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