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When All Is Said And Done…

…our big day one month ago turned out to be a dream come true.  Anna Maria Island, FL proved to be the perf location for a laid-back, riot-of-a-good time, if I may say so.

The amazing Joielala girls were on-hand to capture the whole she-bang, and a superbly talented combo team of AJ’s Island Network as well as a brand new event planning trio called Enna/Anne styled the whole event to a T.  As Steph so eloquently put it, it “looked like J.Crew threw up all over the place, vintage beach style.”  Below are a few photos to snack on…

On Anna Maria Island City Pier, before the ceremony.  Highly recommend pre-pics.

Bridesmaids wore Rachel Pally dresses – suuuuper soft.

Only one defied the Anti Goatee Rule.


It’s all in the details…

My bouquet, courtesy of Enna/Anne

Our invite, also designed by Enna/Anne

Believe it or not, our cake was from the local grocery store.

Each bridesmaid had a unique bouquet.  Love.

As Steph would say, “Haylo Teem!”

Best wedding party ever.

The purdy bridesmaid Steph!  God bless her for a) writing up my table seating chart 5 min before the wedding, and

b) enjoying the photo booth probably more than any other attendee.

Reason #67 why I love her.

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11 Responses to “When All Is Said And Done…”

  • Simply beautiful! Wish I had done this for my beach wedding!

  • omg SO beautiful! i just got tears!!!

  • omg SO beautiful! i just got tears!!!

  • omg SO beautiful! i just got tears!!!

  • 1. Seriously, the most beautiful and laid back wedding I’ve ever been to.
    2. Also, the most almost-sh*t-show-of-a-wedding I’ve ever been to. Remember the time me & Melissa showed up 20 minutes late for the rehearsal dinner, and you were STILL in your PJ’s in the living room with no makeup on, fannying around with the audio/visual stuff? ………….
    3. ALSO the most heartwarming and endearing occasion I’ve ever been a part of. I love you, and I love TEEM! And Salisbury Steak and Lootenant DAY-un and MVP and Melissa, who mentioned Beaches and made endangered animal noises in her speech… and most of all… MP. God bless him.
    4. Thank you for placing 2 of the most crunked pictures of me of ALL time on the blog. Jayne & Stevie B thank you! 🙂

    Love you,

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love this post but not as much as I loved being a part of your amazing day! It was soooooooooo beautiful. and the details were incredible! simply divine! your wedding should have been featured in a magazine!!!! it was so much fun and felt super intimate and sweet. 🙂 i want to go back and do it all again!

  • So pretty! Congratulations! I just love the bridesmaid dress colors and your bouquet was incredible! What a beautiful, memorable event! Cheers to you both!

  • Breathtaking. Just like you.

  • Were those not the most beautiful tables you ever saw in your life? Talk about details!!!!
    Still waiting for Stephanie’s peanut butter cookie recipe….hint, hint!!

  • seriously… one of our fav weddings that we’ve been a part of! AMI was such a beautiful place to visit & karrie, tim & all of their family & friends are so much fun!! we don’t normally go out and party with the wedding party in the the wee hours of the night! haha xoxo 🙂

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