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Karrie’s beach wedding on Style Me Pretty

…head on over to the Mothership of all wedding blogs – STYLE ME PRETTY – & check out all the gorgeous photos (hi-5, Joielala girls!)

If you’re wanting to do a destination wedding that’s laid-back, unique and full of personal touches, you will definitely want to check this one out.  I talked about Karrie’s wedding HERE, and about the fact that that wedding was gorgeous, yes, but what made that heartwarming riot of a sherbert-and-saccharin-colored, rustic-beach-themed wedding really amazing was that everyone there was so relaxed, incandescently happy, and almost floating on an ethereal breeze – in super slo-mo.  I’ve been to (and in) about 847 weddings, but I’ve never in my life seen one like this.  It could’ve had something to do with the fact that everyone was on vacation… or the fact that the bride’s vision + the stylists‘ creative chops equaled a cracked-out, vintage J.Crew-esque, beachy fairy wonderland…  or that the maid of honor got gut-busting laughter for not only weaving ‘Beaches’ into her speech, but likening good, hot Midwest boys to the kind of exotic endangered species you only see on Animal Planet…  but mostly, it was because the hosts set the tone for their guests.  At ANY party.  A tornado could’ve blown through Anna Maria Island that weekend, and Karrie & Tim would not have been fazed.  They would have gone with the flow, done a little jig, and relished the fact that their best friends and family were all there with them.  And not to get goofy on you guys, but if that’s not the best takeaway for your own wedding – or your own life, for that matter – then I don’t know what is.  A bit of that joie-de-vivre is captured in the out-takes from crappy hour…

Cheers, once again, to the gorgeous bride and her rascal of a groom – (TEEM!) – King of Animal Planet’s endangered beasts.


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