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Song Of The Week: St. Lucia – “Closer Than This”

Hello friends!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine, well, it was delicious. The hubby and I decided to take a short little jaunt to one of our favorite places, Palm Springs.

(The road into town)

It was exactly what we needed: a couple days of lounging by a pool in the hot desert sun, good food and quality time catching up with a grrrreat new book (more on that later).

We stayed at The Saguaro, a newly refurbished former Holiday Inn that has just the right amount of colorful kitsch.  Highly recommend it here.

Now I’m back, rejuvenated, sunkissed and trying to keep that relaxed feeling from the weekend going as long as possible.  And I think I’ve managed to do it with the discovery of a new song this morning. It’s called “Closer Than This” and is by a band named St. Lucia.  How perfect is that?  The lead singer’s got a voice reminiscent of David Byrne from Talking Heads, (one of my all time favorite singers) and each time I play this I’m transported to a beach somewhere, or mentally moved to the driver’s seat of a convertible along a long stretch of road.  I’m really lovin’ this.  Enjoy, and happy Monday!


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