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Paris is Always a Good Idea.

I repeat, always a good idea.  I’ve been itching for my favorite place on the planet lately…  perhaps because we’ve been having quiet, rainy, melancholy fall days in Chicago – reminiscent of the last time I was in Paris with my best friend, Mary…  popping into corner cafes to sip a café au lait to warm up…

Or because I have a friend leaving for Paris today…  or perhaps it’s because it’s been 5 years since my last trip…  but whatever the case, the photos above and the jam below have me aching to be back in the City of Light.

Otherwise known as a magical place where grown men in dapper outfits ride bicycles with baskets on the front and “ring-ring!” their bells in traffic…

Where the smell of lavender, croque messieurs and delightfully stinky cheese are ever-present in the air…

Where people carry long baguettes in their bare hands on their way home from work and occasionally take a big chomp off the end…

Where everything is beautiful.  Even the street signs…  the French don’t mess.

Where wine is cheaper than water…

…and where inordinate amounts of butter and heavy cream make everything taste like heaven.

Crank that ditty above if you haven’t already, take a gander at the gorgeous photos below, and then add Paris to your bucket list if you haven’t been.  There’s no place on earth like it.

If you’re like me and probably can’t hop a flight to Paris tomorrow, grâce à le housing market and/or recession having taken you for a spin at the cleaners – then stay tuned this week & next for a list of ways to bring Paris chez vous (!)  Including but not limited to: classic French recipes for chilly days, curated playlists, fantastic artwork, and fashion inspiration from the peeps who do it best.

A bientôt!

*photo credits:  All photos are either personal photos, or via my Paris Pinterest board (sources therein) unless otherwise labeled.

6 Responses to “Paris is Always a Good Idea.”

  • Karrie @ Covet Living

    This is an epic post. Soooo beautiful. xoxo, Karrie

  • ooooh! this makes me want to go back asap!! love that city!

  • Matt and I are in Paris right now and this post makes me appreciate it all the more. How lovely! flights weren’t too bad from LA! 🙂 awesome post!

  • Love your post… Quietly i must admit i have had your post opened for a couple of days. It’s very appealing. It makes you really want to get back to Paris

  • Hi!
    I have a friend who loves one of your photos (15th from the top, with the coffee in front of the church) but I can’t seem to find it on your pinterest site. Is this your own photo? And if yes, do you have a higher resolution version available? I would really like to get a poster-size print for her (and I would of course be happy to pay a nominal fee to be able to make this one print) 🙂
    Please contact me via email as soon as possible to discuss… (I submitted it in the box above)
    Also, if this is not originally your photo, could you please let me know where you found this image?
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,

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