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Casa Covet Living: Brainstorming a New Layout

HOLA!  We’re picking back up where we left off last time with Karrie & Tim’s new digs and rapping about the interior layout… I had gobs of down time over the holidays (whilst I was slamming salted caramel cake in my sweatpants) to fiddle with the walls & such and try to figure out how to work everything they want into the space.  As a reminder: space needs to be opened up, we needed to carve out an office somewhere AND a home for the washer & dryer, and some architectural interest needs to be thoughtfully added.  Our Pinterest board for their house is running about 340 pins deep, so I had Karrie choose her 10 favorite kitchens, and kind of used that to drive the layout/design.  Funny enough, they’re all literally by the designers whose work we’ve been fawning over for years:


brooke wagner

{Brooke Wagner Design}

colorful built-ins

{Luigi Fragola Design via Desire to Inspire}

gracias madre

{Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, via One Kings Lane }

Gracias Madre - Karrie and Steph

(…Look familiar?)

David Karp Kitchen | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

{David Karp’s Kitchen via New York Times }

grey and butcher

{Megan Rice Yager via One Kings Lane}

H2 Design Build

{Katie Hackworth of H2 Design & Build}

Jessica Helgerson

{Jessica Helgerson Design}

suzanne kasler

{Suzanne Kasler}

tia zoldan

{Tia Zoldan’s kitchen… she’s an artist and has about the most amazing taste of anyone we’ve ever seen}


{via vintage Domino}

it's complicated

{The It’s Complicated Kitchen.  Because duh.}

I gave Karrie & Tim 2 rough scenarios to think about this week – not the be all / end all – but just a jumping off point to get their wheels turning.  (PS: we aren’t even touching the back master bedroom yet – just the front kitchen / family / dining scenario).  Not to confuse you but they’re labeled #3 and #4, because #’s 1 & 2 totally sucked and I scrapped ’em.  Ready?!  And just as a reminder….


Karrie and Tim's New House, BEFORE | Covet Living


{ Built-in Entertainment Center, French doors at rear, Informal Dining }

Layout #3 | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

A few things happening in this one…  I basically:

  • Removed the piddly smaller walls and two load-bearing walls in the existing kitchen and family areas.  This will not be inexpensive because they’ll have to bring in support beams, but it’s vital to achieving the kind of open layout they want.

Bye Bye Walls | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • Added a defined entry and flipped and enlarged the coat closet

Front Entry | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • Peed on marked my territory in the front bedroom (bjfd;sjafhahfdhjshfajha)

Steph's Room | Covet Living

  • Closed off the existing bar area into an office – which also gives Karrie & Tim a long wall to plop a big custom built-in entertainment wall… the absence of which was a problem.

Converted Office and Laundry | Covet Living

PS: this is the kind of entertainment scenario we’re thinking of:

Built-Ins | Casa Karrie and Tim | Covet Living

And on the OTHER side, the sofa will be in front of the kitchen island, like this shot from Lauren Leiss.  See whatta mean?

Sofa butts to island | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • Relocated the washer & dryer into the office area…

Converted Office and Laundry | Covet Living

I’m envisioning a front-load washer & dryer centered on that wall, basically flanked by tall built-in cabinets – almost that look like armoires – with a countertop installed over top of them, and cabinet doors to conceal them.  Maybe with a dry bar above and/or a big a$$ piece of artwork with sconces on either side.  So it looks like one big built-in unit.  Comme ça:

Washer Dryer Inspo 1 | Casa Karrie and Tim | Covet Living

Washer Dryer Inspo 2 | Casa Karrie and Tim | Covet Living

  • Moved the existing kitchen window over the sink to the back wall and popped sconces on either side… Karrie wants a sink with a window above it vs. having the sink in the island (plus when the sink is in the island, then that’s where the dirty-dishes-mess is, and that’s not a pretty place for it).  In a previous layout I didn’t show, I blew the existing window up to like, 6 ft wide, but it was overlooking the side of the neighbors’ house.  Meh.  I might resurrect it just for S’s and G’s.

Sink Window | Casa Karrie and Tim | Covet Living

…PS we kinda wanna use these sconces.  Could you DIE?!!

Ro Sham Beaux Sconce


  • Added an informal dining area in the front window – we can do either a built-in banquette (the only reason I did this is to save precious space… I wanted to take the perimeter cabinets down as far as possible, but peeps gotta be able to easily get into that corner banquette vs. slide/crawl)…. so the closer I can get the table situation to the front window, the further down I can finagle the cabs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 2.32.08 PM

Built In Bench via House Beautiful | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

Built-In Banquette, Jeffrey Bilhuber | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

Built-In Bench 3 | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • Or instead of a custom built L-shaped banquette, we could also just do a long bench or settee against the wall with chairs around the rest of the table.

Jenna Hager Bush's Dining | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • Added built-in bookshelves (floor to ceiling) between the dining and entry for architectural interest we got from looking the many designs done by architects from archute.

Built-In Bookshelves | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

I’m also thinking about keeping the entry side a bookshelf…

Bookshelves separating rooms | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

…but making the dining space side a shallow built-in china cabinet of sorts – in this style.  How fun would that be?

colorful built-ins

  • Last but not least, added big ‘ol leaded glass French doors to the back patio/deck.  We’ll likely do a style like this regardless of the layout we choose or size of the door:

Black Leaded French Doors | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living


{ Fireplace with French Doors on either side | Kitchen in Front | Separate Laundry }

Layout #4 | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

Karrie and Tim are already leaning towards a scenario more like #3, but I wanted to throw them this one as well, just to see another option.  They also mentioned wanting a fireplace to cozy up in front of, and the only place we could potentially really add one is on the back wall.  This image, which is in Lauren Leiss’ living room, is a good representation of what Layout #4’s back wall would look like.  Lauren (she writes Pure Style Home) is an all-time fave of mine (also a blogger turned designer, and also just wrote an amazing book – get it girl):

Layout 4 Inspo, via Lauren Leiss | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

Some other things that differentiate Layout #4:

  • Separate Laundry Room negates the need to enclose the washer & dryer inside built-in cabinetry.  So we can kick it old school there.  It won’t be quite this large, but ye know – like this:

Laundry Room | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • The corner of the kitchen / cabinetry is in front of the front window, which I love for light’s sake, but I do not love for the fact that we can’t do cabinetry or open shelving above, so we’re losing some storage space.  K&T’s windows are much larger and I hadn’t planned on the sink on an angle like this, but we could do it.

sink on angle | casa karrie & tim | covet living

  • If anyone was into formal dining rooms (if you ask me they’re a smidge passé, but potentially important for resale), we could convert the existing bar area into one, and semi-close it off with sliding barn doors (Karrie and I talked about doing seeded or obscured glass, like this)… to keep with the open feeling.  I originally wanted to make this bar area into the office and use the sliding barn doors on it to keep with the open feel, but in Layout #3 we needed it walled off so we had a place to put the built-in entertainment wall..

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.03.00 PM

sliding barn doors | casa karrie & tim | covet living

The likely case, if they opted for Layout #4, is that this would get a regular door and be converted to a bedroom, since we’re down 1 bedroom after having converted the front bedroom (aka my room) into an office.  I thought I could get away with potentially making the bar into a dining room because there’s an upstairs area that’s currently unfinished (it’s REAL special and 70’s like) that could be turned into a magical guest room or kids room, but that is a ways down the road.  When we get there, we’re thinking something like zeese:

Attic Bedroom | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

  • Back to the office – it’s moved to the front in this scenario and took the place of a bedroom.  I plopped a reading chaise or long settee / recaimier in here too.  Ignore the fact that I forgot to bring the wall in far enough so the pocket door would reach.  This is a rough draft, ‘member?  You get the idea.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.06.09 PM

  • I added a wall of shallow built-in book shelving in the entry… because the house needs a little architectural interest added fo sho.   Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.06.38 PM Naturally we’ll plop a pair of bad a$$ sconces somewhere on this wall or library lights at the top of the shelving.

Built-Ins | Casa Karrie & Tim | Covet Living

All that said… here’s my biggest problemo with Layout #4:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.48.37 PM

You REALLY only need about 36″ or 3 ft for walkways…  more so in the kitchen (at least 42″ or 3.5 ft).  But there’s about 10 ft of “walkway” / empty space in this layout. So it doesn’t mean we have to scrap this totally; just means I need to re-work it some.  If I’m allowed to move anything around in the Hall Bath (Karrie?  Tim?) then that changes a lot of things and I could rework that whole right side of the joint.  In any case, that’s where we are!  What do you guys think??  What did I miss?!

Happy New Year and we’ll check back with more progress in a week or so!


Steph's Scanned Signature

Photo Credits: Click on images for sources unless otherwise noted


Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Gals

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Gals | Covet Living

Helllllo darlings! Happy frickin’ Friday. We so hope you’ve been feelin’ our Gift Guides every day this week. Today we’re gonna be wrapping it up with our Holiday Gift Guide For the GALS. Where would you be without your best friend? Your mom? Your cousin who’s like a sister to you (what up Cori aka Mildred!)? Probably in a ditch somewhere, or crying into a Danielle Steel novel and a glass of boxed wine. The women in our lives are tantamount to our sanity (sorry, men) and it’s time to show them some extra love this holiday season. So here goes:

1 – MAX WAGNER, COUNTY LINE, One Kings Lane, $189-289If Mom or Aunt Trudy can’t be close to the ocean, bring the ocean to them with this luscious print, one of several gorgeous and tranquil prints on Max Wanger’s site.

Max Wagner County Line

2 – DYLAN FEDORA, Yellow 108, $108This hat is longing to complete a summer sun dress outfit for lunch with the girls, or a cute trousers/white shirt combo. Either way we’re feeling the female Indiana Jones-vibe.


3 – SHIRT & PANT PAJAMA SET, Asos, $69Not sure if it’s the soft fabric or the masculine-sexiness of this pj set, but something tells us we’d never want to get out of these, like ever. If we owned these we might Hugh Hefner it up and wear it 24/7.

black and white pj's

4 – CORNFLOWER SHIBORI VELVET PILLOW, Furbish, $175.  Steep, we know… but tie dye on velvet?  So dreamy.

Shibori Velvet Tie Dye Pillow

5 – STRIPED ‘LEIGHTON’ TOTE, Sole/Society, $45.47This screams Mom. Why? Cause it’s not only adorable and uber versatile, but it’s the perfect size for her to store the beauty/hardware/art store that is her purse. I.e.: I’d bet $100 that my mom probably has a pair of scissors, reading glasses, Halls drops and a paintbrush in her purse at this very moment.


6 – CRAFTED Dreyfuss Glasses, Revolve, $100.  Um, we’re pretty sure these are the coolest sunnies we’ve ever seen.  A little retro, a little J.Crew vintage, a little coolest-kid-in-school.  And that ivory tortoise color is AMAZING.

Komono Glasses

7 – S’WELL LOVE WATER BOTTLE, Leif, $35Isn’t this just about the cutest bottle you ever did see? What’s even better is the bottle never sweats, and your drinks stay cold for a full day (!) or hot for 12 hours. The cutest accessory for the gym or office. We love.

Swell Bottle

8 – LIMITED EDITION GOLDEN MONOGRAMMED MUG, Anthro, $10Who wouldn’t love ingesting her morning cup of Joe in this limited edition mug.

Gold Monogram Mug

9 – CREEMESHEEN LIP GLASS IN ‘BOY BAIT’, MAC, $24.98Put simply, this is the greatest lip gloss that ever existed, and that special glamour puss in your life deserves it.

MAC Boy Bait

10 – HAND-SCULPTED CUFF, One Kings Lane, $269This one’s a bit of a splurge, but you know what else is a splurge? Raising your a@% for 18 years. Get this for your mom if she’s on the elegant side and would appreciate the showtopping-ness of this piece. Or better yet, get it for your bestie who you can steal it from for years to come.

Hand Sculpted Bangle

11 – “IN THE LOBBY” NAIL POLISH, Essie, $8.50Winter is now upon us, and this cinnamon-plum polish is the p-e-r-f-e-c-t shade for the gut wrenchingly-cold months ahead.

Essie in the Lobby

12 – PINK/RED JULIAN CLUTCH, One Kings Lane, $198The prettiest/sassiest accessory, made from “buttery Italian leather with an organic cotton lining”.  We love the unexpected design element of the wrap-around leather ties. Only two left.

Julian Clutch

13 – WISHBONE RING HOLDER, Domino, $45.99.  It’s like jewelry for your nightstand to hold your jewelry.  Totes adorbs.

wishbone ring holder

14 – TUBEROSE HAND CREAM, The Soap & Paper Company, $18.49Hmmm… what do we love more: the very pretty chinoiserie-meets-midcentury-modern print, or the deliciously-scented jasmine scent? Super rich and moisturizing, Mom or Mom-in-Law would love this.

tuberose lotion

15 – SET OF 4 LAYERED NECKLACES, Etsy, $98If, like us, you’ve been searching for that perfect mix of dainty necklaces to layer up over the years, look no more! This “pre-made” but interchangeable set comes in gold, rose gold, or silver and is basically perfect. We love how dainty all of them are and think your galfrayand would love it.

Layered Set

16 – ‘EVERY MOTHER COUNTS’ TOTE BAG, Clare V, $45. It’s safe to say this tote will get your gal major compliments for its cuteness, but we love that it was created in partnership with Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, and 100% of the proceeds from the purchase will go directly to supporting this cause. 

Maman Je T'aime

17 – GOLD-DIPPED DALMATIAN JASPER EARRINGS, Pigment, $28We’re slightly obsessed with these unique earrings and don’t know whether to get for a loved one or to snatch up for ourselves. Maybe we’ll do both. All we know is, these (relatively inexpensive) earrings are statement earrings, while being neutral/can-go-with-a-ton-of-stuff-type accessories.

Gold Dipped Dalmation Earrings

18 – VINTAGE BRASS BAR MONOGRAMMED BRACELET, Bixby & Ball, $34Pretty sure we’ve rapped about this bracelet in the past, but look at it: It’s so sweet and cute and a delicate little touch of pretty brass. One of us owns the ring and the other owns this bracelet and we wear them all.the.time.

Monogram Bracelet

19 – AUTOMATIC NUT MILK MAKER, Soyabella, $110As we’re getting older we’re noticing the not-so-great effects dairy is having on our bodies. Case in point: the hives one of us got the other day after eating mac and cheese on Thanksgiving – huh? So, finding substitutes is something we’re looking into, and this nut milk maker, recommended by our girl and autoimmune guru Megan McGrane, is simple to use and clean up. Your girls’ tummy will thank them.

Soyabella Automatic Nut Milk Maker

20 – TOCCA FLORENCE CANDLE, One Kings Lane, $20Ahhhh we love the sweet scents of Tocca candles and this one is infused with “elegant floral notes of centifolias rose and iris root”. Which Mom needs to translate, since she’s the one with the green thumb.

Candelina Florence

21 – A MASSAGE, priceless. Our guess is your mom, your sister, or your best friend could really, really, really use an hour of uninterrupted solitude as someone kneads away at their sore muscles. Whether overworked at the office or at home, the selfless women in your life are silently asking for this gift.


22 – NEON LIDDED FLOOR BASKET, Indego Africa, $149.99Having to choose a favorite basket from this company was like having to pick your fave child. Their baskets and handwoven goods are delightful! Oh, did we mention that ALL profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft their products?

neon floor basket

23 – BLACK ‘MERMAID’ SPLASH PROOF POUCH, Aloha Collection, $26. These were on the list last year and they’re back this year for good reason: they’re AMAZING. Say the folks at Yahoo: “Throw wet bathing suits, dirty flip flops, or sweaty clothes — basically whatever you want to keep away from your clean, dry stuff — in this 100 percent coated Tyvek waterproof pouch.”  We own a whole buncha Aloha Collection bags and goodies. These bags aren’t just cute – they’re practically indestructible! Mom: You cannot destroy this bag. I don’t care if you have your butterfly knife (true story: my mom has carried one since I was a kid) or your numerous shades of lipstick in there, they’re safe. FUN FACT: they donate 5% of their proceeds to Hawaii conservation.

Aloha Black

24 – ‘WEE HOURS’ PLANNER, Anthro, $34Organize your thoughts slash life in this pretty 17-month planner that’s small enough to fit in one’s purse but big enough to fit all of your thoughts and to-do’s.

Wee Hours Planner

25 – “WELL WHY THE HELL NOT” PRINT, Etsy, $14There’s something about this print that speaks to us. Maybe it’s ’cause one of us quit our job two years ago and moved across the country, or maybe it’s ’cause we both try to live by this every day (key word: try). So we’d love to gift this framed reminder to the women in our lives who could use this motto staring at ’em in the face every day (and we know a few who could!).

well why the hell not

26 – STADIUM-CLOTH COCOON COAT, J Crew, $350Yes, it’s $$$$, but how happy does this make you feel looking at it? The cold, grey, soul-breaking days of winter ain’t got nothing on this ditty. Now picture wearing it. Italian-made, it’s cozy and sleek, comfy but super stylish. It’ll also be around for years and years.

Pink Coat J.crew

27 – FUJIFILM INSTAX INSTANT CAMERA, Urban Outfitters, $100A UNIVERSALLY LOVED GIFT – we repeat: EVERYONE will be giddy upon receiving this. Take it from us (owners of one). Whipped out at parties, or on vacay, everyone will be transported to the good ol’ days of Polaroid. And will pose for hours.

Fujifilm Camera

28 – FLASH DRIVE VIBRATOR, Crave Luxury Toys, $349We’ll let the website do the talking: “Although it features 16GB of storage, a USB plug, and a sleek, discreet design, the Duet Lux is not your usual flash drive, by any means. Instead, it provides pleasure to the modern sophisticated ladies who aren’t afraid to try something innovative. Part flash drive, part vibrator, this waterproof, 24-karat gold-plated toy makes for an excellent travel companion for solo women on the road.”

Jump Driver Vibrator

Happy Shopping everyone! And if you haven’t seen the Gift Guides we curated all week long, be sure and peruse them, stat.

B*tches before snitches,

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