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Favorite Things Friday: Pink, Blue & Baller

1.  Ummm if anyone needs me this weekend I’ll be sporting this Loose Braid that looks less like a braid and more like an artfully disheveled updo.

2.  Loving this Ikat Salad Bowl from C. Wonder.  I’d like to nomnomnom some Thai food out of it on Saturday night.

3.  There aren’t enough exclamation points, emoticons or CAPS on Planet Earth to convey the level to which I just soiled my drawers over this Ceramic Beaded Chandelier.  DYING.

4.  A clever gal called Geek Details makes these I Love You I Know Teacups…  they’re ALWAYS sold out on Etsy but just found a pair on Amazon.

5.  All I want for Christmas is the Suki Batik Pillow…  and all of its pretty friends in that Batik collection from Amber Interiors.

6. I had a gold heart ring just like these Courtney Love Earrings, but lost it in the surf last year in Cabo.  Which I’m certain had nothing to do with the drinking obstacle course contest I’d just won at Mango Deck.  #whoops #momanddadmustbesoproud

7. I don’t know if I love the outside or the inside of this Geo Beaded Pouch more.  On sale for $40 at Anthro and there are only a few left!

8. This Tiny, Minimalist Kitchen belonging to artist Mary Nelson Sinclair (as seen on Lonny) goes to show you that you don’t need a huge space + an huge island + granite + all that jazz to have a fabulous kitchen.  Just a wee set of a few carefully chosen pieces you really love can make an itty bitty space incredibly chic.  Bigger isn’t always better, and sometimes less really is more.  ‘Cause the truth is, when you think about what you really love / use / need, the list is pretty short.

* * * * * * * *

OOOH ps, maybe try this ham & cheese breakfast casserole on for size for brunch tomorrow?  I just pinned it earlier this week and am still foaming at the mouth, so that’s definitely goin’ down in my kitchen.  Are you following us on Pinterest??  You should be:  {Steph’s Pinterest | Karrie’s Pinterest}

And PPS, can we take a sec to thank you guys so, so very much for following our little blog, and for all of your encouraging, sweet words (especially Beau’s Mom!)  We are genuinely so grateful and love hearing from each and every one of you!!

Happy Weekend à Vous!