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Saturday Morning Musings, Part 2

Reading the Newspaper | Covet Living

Good MORNING Peanuts!!  Happy Weekend!  Is there ANYTHING better than waking up and feeling like, “oh S&$%, I slept in” and then miraculously remembering that it’s Saturday?  I think not.  Kar Bear and I had a satellite marination fest last night where we both delighted in going into hermit mode – her with Dateline + Sex and the City, and me with Hulu + Double Stuff Golden Oreos.

Friday Night Rager

It was a small slice of heaven.  So many of my friends I’ve talked to are feeling the same thing – we’ve all been so busy and going so hard all summer, it’s nice to finally slow down a little bit.  So while you’re lingering over your morning coffee with your pretty morning hair and probably amazing morning breath, wanna mull over a little inspo with me??  K?  K.


I always tell people that your powder room is the one place in your house where you can really go bananas and do something incredibly bold that you may not have the guts to do anywhere else in the house… think of it as a little jewel box (!)  These people obviously did.  Also, Eskayel slays me.

Eskayel Powder Room | Covet Living



Like this one in the Marleton Hotel.  I can never preach enough about the magic that happens when you juxtapose some very traditional elements (e.g. that headboard) with uber modern/Midcentury modern ones (e.g. that Serge Mouille light fixture).

Serge Mouille Light Fixture | Covet Living

And 20 second timeout… you can get that look easy peasy:

Get the Look - The Marleton Hotel | Covet Living

1 – 3-Arm Ceiling Lamp, Retro Furnish, $398 (compared to $3k-$10k for the Real McCoy)

2 – Headboard, Urban Outfitters, $598 for a Queen

3 – Wamsutta 750 Thread Count Dream Zone Sheets in White, Bed Bath & Beyond, $159.99 (ps, I’ve had these for YEARS and they are like buttah)

4 – Gray Ombre Faux Fur Throw, Pottery Barn, $45.50-$299



Not sure, but I think I wizzed myself when I saw them this week over on sfgirlbybay. Hey Listen – I love a good Hicks Pendant in a white kitchen like the rest of the Pinterestphere (9 trillion times over), but I have (wet) dreams about hanging something really unique over my kitchen island someday.  Comme ça.

Crazy Lights via sfgirlbybay | Covet Living



Did y’all see this one by House of Jade Interiors on Domino this week???  It’s black & white & rad all over.  In fact, the whole house is to die for.

House of Jade Kitchen via Domino | Covet Living

House of Jade Kitchen II via Domino | Covet Living



These French Plaster Lamps are Jacques Grange for Yves Saint Laurent via 1st Dibs. Only $7k for the pair… but remember this Cinderella Story about my lotus lamps? Stranger things have happened.  I love how playful and unique these are.

french plaster lamps via 1st dibs | covet living



I did a triple take when I saw the Chloe Bed from Cisco Home.

Chloe Bed Cisco Home | Covet Living

…and with a luscious bed of all white linens as a supporting cast? #nomnomnomnom

Chloe Bed 2



All the yapping about lighting today wasn’t intentional….  But this is ethereal… and feels a little modern and a little old fashioned (if you look closely at the glass discs) at the same time.

Satellite Chandelier from Dot & Bo | Covet Living



Trust Your Gut



I think yes.

Dmitriy & Co Chelsea Square Sofa in Pink Velvet | Covet Living



…Artwork is the toughest thing to choose for someone else because it’s totally subjective, but I love this piece by Jane Winfield.

Jane Winfield via Bradley USA | Covet Living



I’ve seen some pedestal tables I’ve loved, but never one like this with a base like that.

Oak Pedestal Table via Dos Gallos | Covet Living




Moroccan Pillow, OKL | Covet Living



Vintage Chinoiserie Bench, reupholstered in jade cotton.

Vintage Chinoiserie Bench via Jayson Home | Covet Living


How can you not be happy when you look at Robert Crowder’s “Versailles”(??) which is also amazing in the green colorway.  I don’t usually gravitate toward yellow anything for interiors, but I want to use this EVERYWHERE.  Also – do you guys follow Krista Nye Schwartz from Cloth & Kind on Pinterest?  You should.  So many of my fabric finds are discovered there.

Robert Crowder Versailles Fabric | Covet Living



Zoe Bios Creative is a line Kristin and I both died over at Vegas Market earlier this year – and this artist in particular… Selby Pena always has the most joyful photographs of kids frolicking and playing without one single care in the world.

Zoe Bios Creative | Covet Living

It reminds me of – well, a simpler time when I was one of those kids playing outside all day – but also of the image of my friend Mia’s little boy running through a field (he’s the sweet mystery kiddo on our header, and also framed on my wall).

My Bedroom | Covet Living


Steph's Scanned Signature

Steph’s Picks! 75% Off at Rugs USA

I never fully appreciated what a HUGE difference a killer rug can make in a room until I bought this Overdyed Grove Rug in Violet last year from Rugs USA for my dining room (below is a shot from when I first unpacked)…

…Probably because I had always been deterred by the price tag on a great rug, and therefore never bought the ones I wanted.  I always bought the ones that were “just ok” and would get the job done… (Yeah.  Ask me how many of those I still have? Zero.)  Anyhow, when I rolled this bad boy out, I was delighted to see it was FAR more beautiful in person. Below is a pretty accurate representation of the color:

So anyhow…  I know.  Rugs are pricey.  But Campers (!)  Right now, Rugs USA is running their big bad 75% off sale again, which means if you’re in the market for a rug, you can score some pretty great ones for not a lot of coin.  So I am urging you to sprint over there and check it out.  Or better yet, since there are about 2,000 rugs on sale, save yourself the time and peruse my faves, since I sifted through all 2,000 of them last night.  Because I am nuts.

These are my crème-de-la-crème, jaw-dropping faves.  Nomnomnom:

Overdyed Purple – I’m speechless.  I would trade my left nut for this one.  Surely my dad would call it “beat to hell, and like someone threw bleach on it.”  I call it Utter Perfection.  Parents just don’t understand, Jazzy Jeff. | Serendipity Beige Rug (80% off!) – I dig the zig zag. | Overdyed Multi – um, heaven.  I love when the colors are a bit indiscernible. | Overdyed Teal – Dreamy. | Metallic Splattered Cowhide – um, love.  My girl Cates had these at her wedding reception (she’s swanky).  I want one in my office.  Under a pretty lucite coffee table.

…or girls too.  Whatevs.

Satara Chevron Daredevil – Maybe someday I’ll have a rotten little boy, and maybe I’ll put this in his room. | Tuscan Palace Ikat Trellis – I almost want to sing “Prince A-LI, Fabulous HE, Ali-a-bahhb-wahhhhh” when I see this.  | Serendipity Ivory – Would also be great in a beach house or bedroom.  | Serendipity Emerald – Pantone Color of the Year, y’all!

I can’t help it.  It’s the prettiest color in the wwwwwworld!

Tie Dye – my 16-year old self loves it.  My 32-year old self would love it in pillows. | Overdyed Pink – STUNNING.  All that happy pigment.  Would be a great statement piece. | Prescott Natural – I like the asymmetry.  | Tuscan Palace Ikat Trellis – same pattern as above, but great in a girl’s room.

Need something a little more grown-up, a little more masculine (or at least gender-neutral?)  Check out these austere beauties.

Loloi Nyla Slate – uh, yum.  Great in a gender-neutral household.  Nutballs – I just realized this one ISN’T on sale.  My bad. | Beaumont Adileh Natural – this one looks like something you might find at Pottery Barn or Restoration.  All the reviews said how incredibly soft it was to walk on. | Cowhide Chevron – Literally, in 50 Shades of Grey.  This is just gorgeous, intricately done and probably exquisite in person. | Satara Ananda Trellis Nickel – I’m not super into graphic stuff, but I think this is cool.

…or cabin in the woods.  The top two in particular scream “Dad’s Country House” to me…  very Pendleton-esque.  I am having visions of deer heads and antiques and shot guns & such.

Homespun Rockville Beige – Would also look great juxtaposed against florals. | Montero Plymouth Red – so cozy.  I see it in the living room, in front of the fireplace, at Christmas time. | Shyrdak Felt Hanson Red – Kinda tribal and fun…  and Anthro-esque, but it looks a little more unique.  And worldly. | Shyrdak Felt Concord Grey – I feel like I should expect to see something like this when I walk into Jayson Home & Garden in front of a leather sofa.  Or draped over the foot of the bed if it’s thin enough.

Overdyed = my favorite kind of rug.  Maybe it’s the hazy, dreamy look of them… the rich, gorgeous pigment… or maybe it’s that you can spill just about anything and no one would be the wiser.

Overdye Indigo – (sigh).  It looks like a pair of perfectly worn-in jeans. | Overdye Magenta – I don’t usually do reds, but I’d do this one.  I love the faint violet colors in the middle. | Windsor Overdyed Violet – This is what I have in my dining room.  It’s stunning.  The color is PERFECT.  Most of these overdyed rugs are pricey (and I get why… they’re beautiful, and most are 100% wool and hand knotted).  This one is synthetic, but I’ve never minded.  It’s a STEAL.  Because of which, it runs in & out of stock often. | Overdyed Aqua/Indigo – I see sea glass.  Yum. | Overdyed Green – Love the fading, love the pattern. | Overdye Verda Silver Rug – I love that this one also has a bit of a design to it.  And it’s not a run-of-the-mill pattern I’ve ever seen.

The good ones *will* run out of stock quickly, so if you are in love with one of them, NOW IS YOUR TIME!  Also, a word of advice:  Buy the largest one you can afford.  Unless it’s a little guy for a kitchen or an entryway, bigger is almost always better.  I’ve done a lot of 5×7’s or 5×8’s in the past when I didn’t wanna spend the extra money on the bigger size, and I’ve always lived to regret it.  Big guys can anchor any room.  I’ve found that the medium-sized ones get lost underneath things and you can’t see ’em.  Rugs USA is pretty good about doing sales, but I only see the 75% off sale about 1x/year.  Don’t forget to enter IND75 or IND80 at checkout to get the savings!!  Which one is your favorite??