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*TO DIE FOR* Outfits on RENT THE RUNWAY + 20% Discount!

Ladies: Holiday party/wedding season has called, and it wants you to be the most smoking hot lady in the room this winter. Well just in time we’ve rounded up the HOTTEST outfits off Rent the Runway (it’s one of our favorite websites/businesses; see one of our posts here). Not familiar? It’s the Netflix for dresses and it is incredible. They’ll ship you a dress (with a second size for free – just in case the first size doesn’t fit), and you return it in the self-addressed envelope. It’s genius.  And we promise you’ll be one of the finer things in the room. Oh, and did we mention we’re offering a 20% promo code for first time renters? Just enter COVETRTR at checkout and you’re on your way. Now all you gotta do is pick your poison. Our favorites below:


{Left | Center | Right}

Rent the Runway | Covet Living

{Left | Center | Right}


{Left | Center – I wore on NYE last year and LOVED it | Right}


{Left | Center | Right}


{Left | Center | Right}


{Left | Center | Right}


{Left | Center | Right}


{Left | Center – I’m wearing this to a wedding this weekend! | Right}

Ok, how hot are these? If you do end up renting, might we request you post a pic of yourself in the outfit on our Facebook page? We’d love you forever.

Happy renting!


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