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Emerald & Awesome

I had a few people inquire about the dresser re-do and green paint color I used on this bad boy featured in Monday’s post:

I snagged the piece at a sweet little neighborhood shop here in Columbus called Fernbird last fall, which is owned by an even sweeter gal named Laurel.  I wanna say I paid about $100 for the dresser.  And listen, I love a good steal, but I thought that price was KILLER for what I got:  a dresser made of good, solid wood…  clean lines and an unfussy shape (aka gender neutral)…   drawers that slide in & out, easy peasy…  and it also has little organizer/dividers inside each drawer.  Holler.  Sherwin Williams was nice enough to do a custom color-match for me…  though if you need to gander at a sample, it is close to their “Vegan” (SW 6738), but what I used is a teeny bit brighter with a tad more aqua.

Hosting Thanksgiving last November and the potential of having overnight guests lit a fire under my yay-hoo and got me to bust a move and finish this for the guest room…  and like a real slampig, I moved it straight to my room shortly thereafter.  You can see from the 2 drawers and from the chest what the original color was like…  a light buttery wood that was made slick-as-snot shiny with about 14 coats of laquer that I had to sandblast off.  (Do y’all own this yet?  Cuz you should.  Vroom vroom.)  I didn’t prime it – tsk tsk – because I get impatient and can’t wait to start slapping paint on stuff when I do projects like this.  “Impatient” also might be code for “lazy.”

I did about 4 coats of this lovely, joyful, verdant green (which I roll on with a small roller to spread the paint evenly, then quickly go over with a foam brush for a sleeker texture).  After all that dried, I did a few coats of Polycrylic with a foam brush (the water-based version of Polyurethane…  Polyurethane tends to leave a yellow-y residue that I don’t like.  Polycrylic’s is clear.)  Et voila (!)  Here she blows:

That dresser makes me a *little* bit happier every time I look at it, and perks up an otherwise subdued, feminine room.  And who knew that shade of green would be the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013??  Opa, yo!  I’m clairvoyant.