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Are You There, Friday? It’s Us, Covet Living.

Afternoon, sweet peas.  Whatcha doin?  Procrastinating at work while reading this? That’s fine.  Guess what?  IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKENDDDD.  And with Friday comes… you got it, our favorite things right this instant.  Heeeere we go:

1) Did I fall asleep and wake up to 1987?  Cause worn, high-waisted, ripped denim shorts are on everyone, and I’m L-O-V-I-N-G IT:

2) Now this is fun: Mara Hoffman’s Anthropologie line.   Usually the designer’s known for her super vibrant, super pretty patterns on bikinis which I’ve probably pinned around 8,000 times, but it seems like she’s taking those designs to the home!  And actually, the bedding is surprisingly relatively easy on the wallet.

3) These perfect white skinny MOTO jeans from Hudson, just in time for you to spill red wine all over ’em at your next summer BBQ!  On sale NOW!:

4) The new trailer for Dumb & Dumber To, which teleported me back to my 15 year old self in the movie theater, watching this with my fellow cheerleading camp attendees and tinkling myself from laughing so hard:

5) And last but not least, say hello to your new summer readLook At Me, by Jennifer Egan. I’ve just started and am feelin it, yo.  Think it’s gonna be a fast, fun read:

That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend, everyone!