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One Girl’s Trash…

So, while Gus and I were scooting along on a morning run the other day, I ran across this little gem on the side of the road.  I spied that sucker from 2 blocks away, and didn’t even stop running – just slowed down, scooped it up, hid it in a bush, sprinted home and then came back and threw it in my hooptie.  She needs a little dusting off, but isn’t she pretty?

I saw a similar vintage dime piece on Layla Grayce a few weeks ago and the ûber girlie, Granny-chic enthusiast in me let out a loud squeal.  I don’t think I wanna go cream on the base (if I do, my antique aficionado of a father might disown me) – but I may just clean ‘er up some and try to do a lime wash finish…  and I’m def gunning to add a pristine piece of marble to the top.  Wuh-bang.

A wee piece like this is super versatile, so I don’t mind spending a little to doctor it up.  Thinking for now – since the depth is so shallow (maybe 8 inches) – I can pop it under my wall-mounted TV in my itsy bitsy but adorable bedroom with my wicker furniture beside it.

Or later, between two vanities in a bathroom.

Or, in an entryway.  Or as the sweetest little nightstand.  Isn’t dumpster diving fun??

Happy Saturday!