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The Prettiest Thing I Ever Did See.

So listen.  IIIIIIIIII’ve lived with boys – I can do gender neutral decor.  But sometimes, isn’t it nice to throw caution (and testosterone) to the wind and do something that’s SUPER chic and feminine?  I literally let out a giant gasp when I saw Allison Shearmur’s bathroom on a few days ago.  When I look at that bathroom, I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of frothy, whipped mascarpone, and that it’s raining peach sugarplums & gumdrops.  It is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G…  the wallcovering, the exposed brass plumbing…  that light fixture??  I die.

Shearmur – who is a Hollywood power player and Bourne Trilogy / Hunger Games producer by day – is apparently a design enthusiast by night, because she whipped the design up on her own.  NBD.  I’ve been drafting an updated version of the Dream Home post I did for Paloma at La Dolce Vita a few years ago, and my master bath slot had been sitting sadly empty, until now.  Also…  I can’t even talk about her closet doors:

What do you think?  Do you guys love??


Moroccan-Inspired Mexican Bathroom

Could we please discuss how amazing this Moroccan-inspired salle-de-bain is?  As seen in Rue Mag in July, this Moroccan-inspired bathroom is – funny enough – in a sweet little boutique hotel in Mexico.  Who knew?

Get more bath inspiration like these glass shower doors and other ideas on this site. Also you can talk with the professionals to ask them for extra help installing and remodeling your house.

If this were in my house, in addition to doing my business, I think I might want to take my morning coffee in here as well.  It looks like heaven.  The shower tile… the Moroccan arch… the modern, faintly amber-hued pendant light… the smooth quartz-looking lamp… and maybe most of all, the warmth (and utility) that that buffet adds all combine to make this space drool-worthy.

Do we love it, or do we love it??