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Lust List… Wedding Style

(She’s lost in a veil of emotions.)

Evening/Morning, darlings.  As I type this I’m listening to swaying palm trees just outside the window of our beach rental in FL.  It’s really too bad we have to slum it in the days before the wedding but I’ll soldier on, because that’s who I am. In light of the frame of mind I’m in I’m going to throw out a few all-things-wedding-related pics I’ve come across that have inspired me over the past few months. Actually, some haven’t so much inspired as just made me droooool all over my laptop. Before continuing, click HERE to play a great song.

(I want to get married on Park Avenue in a short wedding dress and these shoes, via)

(Elegant, fragile layers, via)

(Perfect for a beach wedding, via)

(Roy G Biv just threw up in a glorious way all over this wedding)

(Loose, beachy waves.  Perf)

(Holy hell, Alexander McQueen Peep Toes.  I want to get married in an art studio in Brooklyn wearing these)

(I see succulents, I see mercury glass, I see twine around *I’m assuming* delicious individual loaves of bread)

(Can you imagine these hanging from a tent?!)

(Lavender lemonade.  Treat yo self.)

(No need to mention her Temperley wedding dress.  No, my attention’s on that EFFING RAD King Protea bridal bouqet)

(Sweet.  Janae if you’re reading this, this pic makes me re-consider getting the wedding cake birdie toppers you sell at your store…)

(Just received this cake stand in the mail.  H*ll to the muthalovin YAH. via)

(Something blue…)

(Miniature lasagnas.  Are you kidding me?  Hand me a couple hundred, please and thank you)

(Rad, rad, radness)

(Now THIS is a thing of beauty)

(Sweet, cute, and yells “I am a classy princess” even if you’re indeed not)

Have a great Hump Day, people and oh yeah, t-minus a day and a half until I’m reunited with my favorite co-blogette, Steph.  Rawkus times ahead!


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