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Birthday Suit

Below is a montage of the goodies I’m contemplating sporting on that fateful day next week when I peace out of my 20’s, and ring in the big 3-0.

(Clockwise from top left):

(1) I think a little pink Kool-aid, à la Rachel McAdams, would be really fun (2) Pink Satin d’Orsay Louboutin Knock-offs (3) La Fata Babydoll silk-crepe and lace chemise (4) Rebecca Taylor Sweetheart Blue Dot Dress from Rent the Runway (5) Isabel Ruffle Blouse from Queens Wardrobe (6) Prada Woven Heels (7) Cerulean Droplet Earrings from Rent the Runway (8) DVF Tiny Dancer Dress (9) Ring (10) Erin Basin Antique Gold Earrings (11) Prada Purple Heels (12) Tibi Abstract Floral Dress from Rent the Runway (13) DVF Ruffle Mini.


Granted.  It’s still freezing in Chicago, it’s not the Prom, and I’m not 13, so it’s probably not all that kosher to be such a birthday self-promoter anymore.  I also DO not care, cause c’mahhhhn, how many times to you turn 30!?!  I plan on blowing it out in style with my favorite floozies by my side.  And maybe going for a pony ride afterward.


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