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Snow Day!

Remember the tornado scene in The Wizard of Oz? Well, imagine that… then drop the temps to freezing, throw in all the snow in Antarctica and blow it around to the howling tune of 50 mph, and what’ve you got?

Chicago, baby!!

That’s right folks. We’re in the throes of the biggest, baddest blizzard since 1967.

Businesses that have never, ever been closed shut down today. Schools that haven’t been shut down since 1991 sent the kiddies all home. I have 6 FEET OF SNOW in the backyard, so watching Gus try to pee this morning was like watching a kid disappear into a sea of those rainbow-colored balls at McDonald’s Playland. Egads, what’ll we do??! …I’ll tell ya what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna hole up, hibernate and have a bang-up time. Personally, I’d start by throwing on a pairuh these bad boys:

Sipping a little bittuh this…

Or going crazy and busting out an adult beverage at 2pm, cause honey, let’s get serious. You know you’re not going back to work tomorrow.

If you can brave the tundra outdoors without blowing away, you could always cozy up in a spot like this…

…and if not, give it one of these:

Preferably with one of him. BAHAHA – just jokin, Ma!

What I MEANT was, let’s kick it PG, pop some popcorn, and have a big fat moviefest. And spoon.

And when the big white tornado outside calms down in a few days, I’d recommend doing this…

Or maybe this…

Or just wrap up in a big blanket with a book, sip some tea, look out the window and enjoy the glorious winter wonderland outdoors.

Stay warm, lovenuts!!


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