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This Week We’re Listening To…

THIS remake of Tracey Chapman’s “Fast Car” by Tobtok ft. River is a song I was initially hesitant to like. Blame a fierce, hot love of the original (I have memories of my uncle playing it to me on his guitar as a kid. I LOVE that song…) but hey, maybe a remake isn’t always such a terrible thing.

OH – and not only does this song transport me for a few minutes to somewhere a little more relaxed, a little more warm and tropical than my current surroundings, but the second part of why I have a fondness for this song is cause a young friend of mine in LA, Cory, is working with the artist, and is the person who told me to check it out. Cory is a young 20-something I met a couple years ago after a mutual friend asked me to meet w/him when he had just moved to LA. He didn’t have a job yet so I asked him if he’d bartend at my birfday party (see below)… which was complete with a fake red carpet and Beyonce cut-out… because naturally that’s what everyone needs at their birfday parties. Fast forward two years and he’s a TOTAL hustler. In the span of a couple years he’s moonlighted as Nick Jonas’ assistant, Gavin DeGraw’s tour manager, dated a pop star (no, seriously), and is still the sweetest, kindest future music industry honcho you’ll ever meet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.18.51 AM

Anywho, let me know what you think!


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  • I’m also fiercely loyal to the original soulful sound of this song but I like this cover very much. Very La Roux in a new millennial sorta way. And your little friend sounds like he’s sitting on a rocket ship to success. Bully!

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