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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE #3: Karrie’s Wishlist

Knit Your Love Cardigan, $69.90: You guys. Go to the website and look at the pics of girls who’ve bought this sweater and how cute they look in it. Sweaters like this make it ok that winter is on its way!

Oaui Travel Kit, $35: Ouai hair products are the most amazing smelling products that make your hair feel soooooo healthy and soft. This handy little travel kit gives you a handful of their products to check out. Trust me on this: You’ll love ‘em.


“Years of Flowers” one-piece swimsuit, $23.99: How cute is this suit?! This past summer when one-pieces became in style, yours truly jumped on that bandwagon HARD CORE. And with this bathing suit, I totally feel like you can still look cute and sexy without showing the calamitous results of your 5-month-long winter binge…



“Edge” champagne glasses, $12.95 each: I first spotted these on a TV show – probably Real Housewives of Atlanta – and I loved how elegant they looked.


“Giselle” pajamas, $115: It just wouldn’t be Christmas without me asking for a pair of comfy, cozy pjs.


Julie Beanie with Raccoon Fur, $59: I’m well aware that pom pom hats are this season’s equivalent of black leggings and UGGs. Aka, the wardrobe of a basic b*tch. They’re everywhere. But they’re SO cute! So hand me my pumpkin spice latte and let’s go somewhere wintery so I can wear this adorbs hat.


KitchenAid Copper Stand Mixer, $479: Indeed this is more $ than anyone should ever spend on a mixer, but just look how pretty it is! A few weeks ago we had our kitchen photographed for a mag (!!!) and the stylist added this mixer to our kitchen. They had to pry that thing out of my cold fingers when they were leaving, I loved it so much.

Sole Society Finger Gore Bootie in Ombre Blue, $69.97: These are a great way to bring a tiny, subtle pop of color into your wardrobe, but they’re still neutral enough to wear with a LOT of things.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $399.99: File this under “Who dafuq you think you are, putting a $400 blowdryer on your wish list?” Guilty. But if wanting a blowdryer that dries my hair in 10 min while leaving it silky smooth is wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.

These two books, “Letterman: The Last Gentleman” and “A Gentleman in Moscow” have been on my list of books to read for a few months. Letterman is a TV god IMO (and hails from Indiana, sup), and I’ve heard from several people that A Gentleman in Moscow is an absolute must-read. Santy, be a doll and hook this girl up!


Rebecca Minkoff Love Chevron Quilt Leather Crossbody, $137:  The perfect crossbody purse, hands down.

Zara Long Blazer, $69.90: I literally stopped a girl last weekend wearing this blazer and made her tell me here she got it. It looked FIERCE on. With jeans and a white tee under? Done.

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener, $89: My hairdresser once told me I had 8 heads of hair on one head. Combine that with my super nappy naturally curly hair and I’m in desperate need of a good hair straightener, like this one!

UGG Ansley Water Resistant Slipper, $99.95: These look remarkably soft, plus, I love this part of the description on the website: “…is made from water-resistant suede so you can wear it on errands as well as around the house or around campus.”

Warm Your Heart Cable Knit Cardigan, $52.43: Show me a cardigan inspired by Grandma that I don’t love and I’ll give you a million dollars.


4 Responses to “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE #3: Karrie’s Wishlist”

  • So glad to see you ladies back, I’ve missed you!

  • I think this is the first time I’ve seen the word “elegant” and “atlanta housewives” in the same sentence. Also, I just added 3 of these things to my shopping list.

  • The Kitchen Aid gift from the gods is legit bigger than my city apt-like counter space but I would have had it in a Vulcan death grip as well. Fabulous color. I miss CL blogs and your wit! Please try to squeeze in another before the new year. PS Did you ever read The Nix? It was worth the commitment. xo

    • JB from Jersey!!!!! A) Ugh, to get the KitchenAid or not…. I think I’ll probably never get it bc it’s so expensive but darn it it’s beautiful! B) We miss it too and we’ll post more before NYE. C) No! I still haven’t read it. Maybe it’s a good book to read over Xmas…

      We miss you,

      Karrie (and Steph)

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