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The Best $27.80 You’ll Ever Spend.

I found the most darling little (faux) leather jacket at Forever 21 last week and just had to grab my megaphone.  Surprisingly, for $27.80, it doesn’t feel cheap AT ALL – it feels like BUTTAH.  It’s not online, but it is still in stores…  So, I recommend scooting sprinting over to Forever and snagging one for yourself, stat.

Look at the contrast detail on the underside of the arms.  It’s a cozy sweater material. Nomnomnom.

Sideview.  The collar rocks my face off.

I’ll be in the Hamptons this weekend with my favorite co-blogger, Karrie, and our 3rd bestie, Melissa.  And you better believe all I packed were a few long maxi dresses and my skinny cargo jeans…  all of which I will be wearing this new bad boy over, since it’ll be brisk at night.


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