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Chez Charla

Since yesterday’s post was a little darker than we normally go here on Covet Living, I wanted to kick today off with some rainbows & unicorns – otherwise known as decorating projects.  When I’m not running around in scrubs peddling medical equipment, making pesto or sprucing up my own digs, I LOVE sprucing up other peoples’.  And since E-decorating services are something we’re going to be launching very soon here on the blog, I decided to give ’em a test run.

Above is a design board I put together for the front entryway/living room of a high school friend named Charla.  The space is currently a blank slate, except for having a fresh coat of neutral-ish paint on the walls.  It needs to serve as an entryway, a sitting room of sorts, and a sometimes-office (can you say spatial planning challenge?)  We also wanted to use ONLY hardworking pieces that Charla loves, and that can be used in other areas of the house later on…  hence the amazing, I’d wanna-put-it-in-every-room-of-the-house rug, the dresser that’ll hold court & car keys as an entry table, but that can hold underscoobs at a later date…  and the cheerful turquoise and mustard accents that can work with a slew of other color combos down the road.

It’ll inevitably evolve from here – probably with a few more rustic elements and s’more pops of color – but this where we started. Whatta ya think??


4 Responses to “Chez Charla”

  • Love it! So much that it may be my new color palette for our bedroom redo! I really really need budget friendly ideas for Big-D’s bedroom. He is in dire need of a new chest of drawers, or some hip design to store his clothes. The milk crate idea is interesting, but I need a little help designing that storage unit. David said he would send you a pic…of course, I’ll believe it when you tell me you have received it! XOXO

    • Joone, I thought you were into aqua and chocolate?? Well in any case, glad you liked it! It’s about 12 past time to spruce up that bedroom! And, yes – pretty please have Big D or Little D send me the shot of the shelving you wanna try. XOOOXOXOXO

  • Well, you know what I think. LOVE it! You are so going to have to rethink your career once everyone is aware of your skills… 🙂

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