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What do I make out of this?

This is my pops, Stevie B.  You may remember reading about the penchant for antiquing that I inherited from him in this post.

Don’t you just wanna squeeze his cheeks???  He’s the cutest.  Anyhow, Stevie B and I rolled out to a MONSTER antique fair on Thanksgiving weekend, which looked like Graceland to me when I walked in.  One of the first things I spotted was this gorge textile… this John Robshaw-esque, antique, oversized hand-blocked tablecloth.  I died when the price tag read $24, and then I died again when the lady working the booth told me I could have it for $15.

Should I keep it as a tablecloth to go here?

Or make some fatty euro shams for my bed out of it (?)  Is taking the scissors to that sucker some sort of crazy cardinal sin?

OR (curve ball), should I use most of the tablecloth as fabric for the euro shams, and reserve enough of it to also make a table runner?  I know…  it’s like a riddle!  What do you guys think?


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