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This week. Over breakfast.

Aren’t weekend mornings delightful?  If you’re doing what I do most Saturdays, then you’re parked at marination station in your PJ’s and a blanket, and drinking this:

No good cartoons on TV?  Ah.  Then you & your coffee cup pop a squat and we’ll tell ya what happened this week chez Covet Living…

1. Karrie rented these AMAZING frocks from Rent the Runway to wear to Betty White’s 90th birthday party…  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Her job does not suck.

…and then, she got stuck in a meeting, didn’t have time to go home and change, and instead went in a cute, coral, ruffled Camilyn Beth dress.  Not that that wasn’t totally hot too………

2. I have a serious problem with textiles and pillows…  Namely, of the suzani and ikat variety.  And in shades of saccharin this week (hearts & stars, just in time for V-day).  But tell me these wouldn’t be a happy dose of pizzazz to your pad:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

3. We nearly crashed our blog, thanks to me trying to add Plug-ins…  meaning those little gadget-widgets that throw up our Pinterest feed on the right side of the screen.  I’m naming my first born’s left nut after Brian Stone – the guru who helped us launch this site nearly 3 years ago – for bringing it back to life yesterday.  Moral of the story:  back that sh*t up, sister sledge.  Or when in doubt, bribe people smarter than you are with peanut butter cookies.  Wassup y’old Cougar!  Bahhaha, j/k.

4. More drooling – this time over one of my BFF’s wedding invites that just came in the mail.  Cates (Caitlin Sullivan) is the right-hand-wo-man to Calder Clark of Calder Clark Designs…  um, they’re the best wedding planners in the southeast.  Maybe the universe.  They’re in almost every Martha Stewart spread, and just did Kyle Martino & Eva Amurri’s (Susan Sarandon’s daughter’s) wedding last year.

5. Who knew that Clairol’s Nice & Easy tweener stage root touch-up (available for about $7.99 at drugstores the world over) could do me such a solid?  I mean, my roots are still black, but at least they blend.

Have an awesome weekend, Campers.  We LOVE ya!


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