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Spring is in the air

Is this what today looks like at your house?  Because this is what it looks like at mine.  Saturday mornings are marination station in slow-mo…  filled with coffee, Pinterest, Gus at my feet, Bob Dylan on Pandora, and fresh squeezed OJ.  In about 3 hours, I might decide to move.  But for now, there is a vat of coffee and a stack of juicy design magazines in front of me. Both equally delicious.

I don’t know if it’s the treasure trove of candy-colored spring goodies I’m perusing today on the mothership of all crack addictions, the cool, dewy air in the mornings when I take Gus out, or the fact that I’ve slept with my windows open every night this week, but I’m telling you, Springtime is stirring in my little soul.  It’s rounding 3rd, people!  Can’t you almost SMELL it?!  So go fill up your coffee cup, crank the ditty below, and let’s gab about all the things we can’t wait for when it gets a little warmer.



3. ALL-WHITE OUTFITS. Nothing – and I mean, nothing – fans up my skirt like monochromatic whites.  White denim, billowy silk shirts, paper-thin white tees, and delicate lace tops.  Sigh…  the perfect spring outfit, and the perfect back-drop for punchy hot pink or red lipstick (Revlon’s Fuschia Fusion = my all-time favorite color), a great bag or a crazy piece of statement jewelry.  All that no-white-till-after-Memorial-Day garbage can stick it.

PS:  I bought this top last week at Anthro and it might be my favorite purchase in eons.  I wore it to a cocktail party with a thin white cami underneath, black silk harem pants and peep toe heels.  Money.  Also wore it to a hockey game a few days later with jeans & flats.  It’s kind of demure, kind of bohemian, uber versatile and so so pretty.

4.  BLUSH & BUTTER-COLORED LEATHER BAGS, comme ça.  I’d tote the buttery iPad case {right} to work, and the oversized blush Claire Vivier clutch {left} out at night.  With the all-white outfit.  BANG!

5.  FRESH HERBS.  Pot them now in the kitchen window…

{Note:  You can also paint terra cotta pots with chalkboard paint – either just the rim, or the whole shebang}…

…and move ’em outside when it gets a little warmer.  This is our backyard in Chicago, and there is a basil plant the size of me, which makes me happier than a pig in $#*@.

6.  CLOTHES THAT LOOK LIKE CANDY.  Say that 10 times fast.  But ah (!)  Who wouldn’t want a wardrobe full of Skittles?

7.  PAINTINGS THAT LOOK LIKE CANDY.  This is from Anthropologie – of all places…  I love it, but I don’t $3600 love it.  Which means,  if anybody needs me, I’ll be in the canvas and oil paint aisles at Michael’s.  I can totally paint that (!)  And so can you.  Nothing like punching up your decor with a fresh piece of art.  Holler.

Happy Saturday & Happy (almost) Spring!


*photo credits: {Saturday morning montage} – Slouchy sweater, toast & jam, rumpled bed, pink room, French press.  {Farmer’s Market Pic}.  {White outfits} – Denim and silk, Trousers and tee, Lace. {Herbs} – Shelves of herbs, kitchen sink, chalkboard herbs. {Candy-colored outfits} – Calvin Klein models, hot pink skirt, robin’s egg blue blazer, spaghetti strap top, yellow dress.

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