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My Pretty in Pink Closet

So, one day as I was piddle puttsing around on Pinterest – as I (*cough*) often tend to do – I saw these dreamy pink rooms…

And a few days later, I ran into a few ditties like these…  (GASP!)

Pops of blush & bashful – THE happiest hue out there – seemed to be everywhere I looked, and I couldn’t get enough of ’em.  And then one day, this one really did me in…

And that was that.  I had to have it…  somewhere.  Knowing my landlord would murder me if I painted our front door or our entire living room the color of Peptol Bismol – or bubble gum – I opted for a smaller space:  my closet / dressing room.  Why?  Easy.  Because if you reaaaaaally screw something up, small spaces are doodles that can be undid.  Here’s what my closet looked like before:

Vanilla walls…  white mirror…  vintage dresser.  But this space is actually a long, narrow mini dressing area – about 12 ft by 5 ft – with the racks and shelves at right (not pictured):

Scuzzi for the high-water curtains.  That was the day I moved in a few years back.  Clearly, they were too short and those bad boys came right back down.  (Good rule of thumb:  Curtains should always skim the floor, or puddle for a more formal look.  And to make the ceilings appear higher, don’t hang the rod just above the top of the window – hang it just below the top of the ceiling.)  This is a GREAT decorating trick to put in your back pocket.

Moving along…  I busted out a shade of perfection called “JAIPUR PINK” (Sherwin Williams) – which got a cheerful endorsement from my girl Vani, since “Jaipur” is an Indian word that actually means “Pink City”.  So I said, Jai ho.  Bring it on.

When the paint first went on (above), it literally looked like Barbie hosed down my closet in neon, tacky pink.  But soon after it started to dry, it started looking closer to what I had envisioned.

And now that I’ve hung everything back up (my “analog Pinterest” inspiration boards + some uber traditional wallpaper samples in shades of white) – I think I might just love it.


Other dip-your-toe-in-water, non-threatening places to experiment with crazy colors?  Powder Baths.  The inside of clear glass cabinets.  The inside of bookshelves (!)  Ceiling medallionsOOooooooooooooooooooooooooh (!)  Give it a spin!


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