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Lazy Monday Lust List

Not sure if it’s the hazy, gloomy fog outside (*cough* – a perfect excuse to have a lazy day off)…  or the fact that the holiday rendered the streets of Chicago still and quiet today…  but I’m digging on all things muted, monochromatic, serene and achingly beautiful today.  First, turn on this jam…  Then, leisurely peruse the gorgeous pics below, starting with this vintage photo.

…and this Belgian style dining room: the palette of bleach blonde wood, the plummy-milk chocolatey linen on the dining chairs…  the candles reflected in the antiqued mirrors…  that LIGHT fixture…  the muddy-grey paint color on the walls.  Most of all – the weathered planked ceiling.  It’s perfectly moody but still manages to feel fresh and light.

This easy breezy outfit on an always effortlessly chic Rachel Bilson.  I’m 100% certain that floozy could walk into the most hopeless of closets and waltz out in some fabulous combination of something that no one else every would’ve thought to put together.

The Living Room of one of my favorite designers, Tia Zoldan.  The feature on her house from Cottage Living years & years ago inspired the decor for my first house.  Her newly decorated living room has me reeling and is currently serving as my screen saver.

This dreamy linen closet…

This gorgeous backless dress…

This sweet little reading nook…

And this gorgeous kitchen…  the paneled ceiling, the open shelving, the herbs, that delightful sideboard that they put on casters and repurposed as an island, and those pot lids on the wall (stellar Goodwill Hunting idea).  I’m speechless.

Happy Lazy Holiday Monday!  May you play catch up around the house, spoon a loved one to the tune of a TBS movie marathon, and catch up on some R&R…


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