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Dreamy Little Bathrooms, Part 2: Chandeliers, Sconces and Pendants – oh my!

Pretty please pardon the extra long intermission between powder room posts.  I’ve been in Charleston over the past week for my dear friend Gregger’s Wedding Extravaganza.  Imagine a south-uhn debutante who hunts, fishes, and attacks every day with unbridled zest and enthusiasm.  So naturally, her wedding was a rip-roaring, waterworks-filled great time.  But let’s put down the champagne flute so we can pick up where we left off with the bathroom bonanza.   

For those of you who wanna dabble in something a liiiiiiiiiiittle more adventurous than an all-white bath, but in an uberchic way that does NOT involve any of that trash can matches the shower curtain / matches the rug / matches the toothbrush holder business (wuf), let’s start by dipping your toe in the shallow end and talking about some lovely lighting.   

Modern Pendant Lights via Niche Modern   

Lighting’s ability to completely transform a room NEVER ceases to amaze me.  I first encountered this when I graduated college and traded in those frosted, $7, crusty ‘ol ceiling fixtures (never without dead bugs inside the glass) for big-girl chandeliers.  Wuh-BANG! The second you hang or mount a bomb-diggity light fixture, you turn a hum-drum room into one with effervescence, drama, and ambiance.  And in a bathroom, lighting can be one of the easiest ways to make a BIG impact.  Looky here:   

source unknown

via Coastal Living   

via Habitually Chic   

via Apartment Therapy   

source unknown   

via InStyle Home   

via Room Envy   

Meg Ryan’s bathroom, via Elle DecorWassup, Sally Albright!   

Let’s start with a few gorgeous little nuggets of inspiration.  If you like…   


(Clockwise, from top left): Floral Drop Chandelier, $2595, at Jayson Home and Garden. Seaward Faux Coral Chandelier, $1195, through Tonic Home…  PS: similar Coral Chandelier at Ballard Designs – it’s not as intricate, but at $299, it’s a fraction of the price. Empire Turquoise Chandelier through Marjorie Skouras, call for pricing. Coconut Bead Lantern, $1075, through Tonic Home.   


(Clockwise, from top left): Eliza Smoke Chandelier, $2495, at Jayson Home and Garden. Petite Claire Chandelier, $99 on sale, at Ballard Designs. Anjou Chandelier, $995 on sale, at Anthropologie. Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier, $319 on sale, at Pottery Barn.  NOTE:  MOST OF POTTERY BARN’S CHANDELIERS AND PENDANTS ARE ALL 20% OFF THROUGH OCTOBER 27.   

MOROCCAN (I love this little guy!)   

   Tangier Hanging Lamp (Large – also comes in a smaller size), $595, at Jayson Home and Garden.   


(Clockwise, from top left): Jonathan Adler Meurice, $750, available through George Lowell in Chicago. Edison Chandelier, $319 on sale, at Pottery Barn.  Lotus Chandelier by Roost, call 773.404.0700 for store locations. Exeter Pendant, $103 on sale, at Pottery Barn – available to ship after November 29, 2010.  If you have ants in your pants over this one, you can always DIY it like-ah-zeese!   

ALL-TIME FAVE (as in, I’d trade my first born for it)   

ET2 “Jellyfish” Chandelier, through Kenneth Ludwig Home Furnishings, email for pricing.   

Now, granted – some of those fixtures are puh-ri-cey.  Different strokes for different folks – maybe they’ re in your price range; maybe they’re not.  So, stay tuned tomorrow, cause we’re gonna kick around some thriftier options that’ll give you a similar *WOW* effect, but without you having to mortgage your left nut to get it.   

À demain!   

6 Responses to “Dreamy Little Bathrooms, Part 2: Chandeliers, Sconces and Pendants – oh my!”

  • Love these Steph!

    Any suggestions for bathrooms with no windows? We have the “standard” inner bath with tub/shower, sink, toilet, medicine cabinet, glorious 4-light chrome bathroom lighting (|0&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Bathroom%2BLighting_4294857042_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_price%7C0)

    • Hey Andrew! So glad you liked ’em. And, ooh – that fixture is lovely! 😉 J/k. After selling new construction for 4 years, I’m pretty familiar with the kind of bathroom you’re talking about. The nice thing is – it’s a blank canvas! Couple of questions: (1) Is there an overhead light, or a capped off pre-wire for one? (2) Is it wired anywhere else for lighting – ie for sconces on either side of the vanity/mirror? (3) Is the problem that it’s too dark in there without natural light? Lemme know, and I’ll see if I can’t throw you a few solutions. Great to hear from you!! -Steph

  • Thanks Steph!

    1. There is no overhead light and there is no capped off pre-wire. Only the lovely row of “tanning lights”.
    2. There is no other wiring that I know of for lighting. We do have an outlet to the left of the vanity/mirror.
    3. It isn’t too dark currently, it’s just UGLY! We would LOVE the natural light, but that would involve adding window(s) in the current bathtub (which now that I think about it might not be a bad idea! :))

  • Andrew: Can you shoot me a pic of it? If you can, we’ll shootchoo back some suggestions!

  • Chandeliers in the bathroom, what a great idea, I particularly loved the chandelier above the bathtub. How decadent!

  • These are some awesome chandeliers. I love the beach theme ones with the coral. I hope that it is fake coral thats made out of metal because im an environmentalist at hart and would hate to see coral taken from its home!!

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