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A Breath of Fresh Decor


Yo yo yo – Happy New Year!  Hope you had a great holiday, and emerged from 2011 well-rested and ready to get back to work this week…  (wait for it)…  BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!  Yeeeeeeah RIGHT.  Everyone I know is:  a) still bloated from shoveling food & booze in their faces over Christmas, and b) feels like going back to work this week has been like trying to jog a marathon through a pool of  tar.  Blehhhugggghhhhh.  I don’t know about you, but other than playing a fun game called no-carb-cookie-or-glass-of-wine-left-behind over the holidays, my downtime looked a lot like this:


…and this (Gussie!):

…and a LOT of this:

My FAAAAAAAAVORITE THING – soaking up design mags & blogs – and straight up whooshing my drawers over what I ran across.  Behold…  my new favorite bits:

Blush, Bashful & Lilac:  Hello, Lovers.

Apparently, I smoked cotton candy for breakfast every day over Christmas.  Either that, or I’m just yearning for easy, breezy, happy colors…  like the ones that dance around laid-back little houses in SoCal.  A magical, sunshine-y place where the ocean breeze blows through open doors and windows all year long.

{1930’s Antique Ikat pillow in lilac and indigo.}

{Do I spy an ornate front door in barely-there pale pink?  Looks like candy.  Yum.}

{Bushel of lilacs + blingy lamp + pleated lampshade + watercolor + carved console = hea-ven}

{Hot pink art, to the tune of funky & fantastic}

{Pretties via e-Sale Rugs – Pink & Purple}

{Simple & understated…  with a pop o’lavender}

{I dream of painting walls that color of Pepto Bismol, and owning mirrors like that.  Via vintage Domino.}


{HO-ly TESTICLE TUESDAY!  Those chairs are fantastic.}

My Favorite Piece of Furniture…  Maybe Ever:

{Say what?!  Do I spy bamboo-esque lucite and antique brass?  I just died.}

Black, White & NeutralSo Fresh & So Clean-Clean

{1.  Can I have that tile?  Please?  2.  Love the cottage feel of the paneled wall.  3.  Love that the white cabinets would almost feel like they were floating…  if not for the ebony hardware.}

{Lovely & Lived in.  Courtesy of my favorite blogger, Rachel Halvorson.}

{Those curtains are killin’ me.}

{So pretty & so grown-up.  If it were me, I’d just add one wacktastic pop of color somewhere.}

{That is some gorgeous architecture.  And a bangin rug.}

{HO-LY schnikes, Batman!  Those rustic but kinda refined chairs are on my bucket list to own.  Anybody know where I can find some?}

{Simple.  Feminine.  Raw.  Heavenly.}

Good staples and saccharin, huh?!  PS: as soon I’m ready to put down the mini-corn dogs and stop eating microwave brownies, I’m sure I’ll throw up a post about some resolutions or something.  But for now, I’m not even gonna pretend like I’m crawling out of my cookie-induced-coma just yet.  Have a great rest of the (short) week!!


3 Responses to “A Breath of Fresh Decor”

  • Don’t even know where to start. These pics are so pretty, all of them, and some inspiration for my current state of apt decorating frenzy. I’m totally taking advantage of your being on a So Cal kick right now.
    PS, want that pink painting! But I might just paint a replica.

  • Hello there Miss Stepahoney!! Those chairs on your bucket list…..I have four in my basement. The seats probably need to be recaned, but they are yours if you want them. You can have the round pedestal butcher block table that goes with them if you want. It definitely needs to be refinished but otherwise it’s in good shape. It’s the least I can do since you gave me your beloved peanut butter cookie recipe. Give me a jingle. I’ll hold on to them until I hear from you.

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