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Casa Covet Living: Wanna help us choose lighting?

Y’all – we have a few contenders for the Master Bath and also the Dining Nook. Wanna weigh in??


OPTION 1: Hang 2 (or we could do 3!) Mirrored Ombre Pendants from West Elm on either side of 1 large mirror:

Casa Covet Living | West Elm Pendants

west elm mirrored ombre pendant

OPTION 2: The Rachel Sconces from Ro Sham Beaux… #nomnomnomnom.  The crystals / burlap / tassel are also customizable. We can also install these inside 1 large mirror if we want: Casa Covet Living | RoShamBeaux Rachel Sconce


OPTION 3: The Marlborough Sconce from Visual Comfort… So beachy and funky I can’t take it.

Casa Covet Living | Marlborough Sconce

marlborough sconce | casa covet living



OPTION 1: the Roark from Visual Comfort (Ralph Lauren)… a little edgier and more masculine.  Will visually take up less space than the next option…


OPTION 2: The Vendome – also from Visual Comfort.  We like it for its softness and curvy lines, which is a nice juxtaposition against the more angular custom Spanish pendants.


OPTION 3: We’re also looking into galvanized lights at Steel Lighting Co.

Now’s your time to shine!!  Tell us what y’all think!!


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