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It’s Delicious (!)

Ever since I cracked the July/August issue of House Beautiful last week, I’ve been swooning over a one-day bedroom makeover by NYC designer Amanda Nisbet.  I could eat it with a spoon:

(via House Beautiful)

Like I wasn’t already a sucker for all white beds, ikat, curvy/funky anything, and that frothy, café au lait wall color.  This room is serene, simple and genius…  like a little slice of heaven.

Cues to take from Nisbet:

1.  Symmetry (the matching lamps and matching bedside tables), a neutral palette, & repetition of color (see the little chartreuse vase on the left bedside table?  Ping!) make the room feel balanced and easy on the eyes.  It’s visually calm and uncluttered, but the funky headboard, pops of color, and the geometric throw pillow give it just enough umph to make it dee-lightful.

2.  Whenever you’re working with all whites, or with a monochromatic palette, try to layer different textures to keep it visually interesting.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a snoozefest.  Nisbet layered her whites beautifully by using the pebble-patterned matelasse bedspread, the glossy West Elm side tables, and the Christopher Spitzmiller lamps, which are not only a unique twist on the (lovely but overdone) gourd shape, but if you look closely, these have an almost organic linear detail…  like they were spun to perfection on a pottery wheel.  Perhaps by Molly & Sam, to the tune of the Righteous Brothers, before Willy Mays busted it all up in that alley after the ballet.

Click here for the full before & after.


3 Responses to “It’s Delicious (!)”

  • Totally agree- in particular i think the geometric throw pillow gives it an edge- most people wouldn’t think to pair a geometric w/ the more organic “moth-like” pattern of the headboard. But that contrast is nice – with a solid don’t you think the whole thing would be too vanilla?

  • Laura (!) Hey girl! Totally agree. I remember looking at that and thinking, “err!” I never would’ve thought to do it, but it’s positively perfect.

  • I love reading that you can change your bedroom in one day. It gives me hope that this won’t be such an overwhelming process…

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