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Old Navy: Your Summer Secret

One day on a lil’ Sunday stroll along the Santa Monica Promenade, we decided to dip into that old bastion of our collective farm girl youth, Old Navy, for sh*ts and giggles. To our maje surprise, we (mostly Karrie) found a treasure trove of cute little summer outfits – and you guessed it – all were SO inexpensive (everything under $40). Check out what we got, and forgive Karrie’s Lazy Sunday no-makeup look, thank you:

Women’s Jersey Tube Jumpsuit, $37 – So soft and comfy, and available in black too!  Steph’s cute lil’ sleeveless denim jacket found here:

Old Navy Tube Dress | Covet Living

Women’s Jersey Shift Dress, $22 – Wear it as-is for a more profesh look, or get it hemmed to show off your stems, like Karrie promptly did:

Old Navy Jersey Shift Dress | Covet Living

Women’s Maxi Cami Dress, $35 – Breezy and casual, or can be made to look more formal with jewelry and what-not. Love this!:

Maxi Cami Dress | Covet Living

The Pixie Ankle Pants in Blue Floral, $30 – Super comfy, and a bit unexpected. Just get ’em.

Pixie Ankle Pants in Blue Floral | Covet Living

Chambray Cami Jumpsuit, $32 – Can be worn under a long cami or sweater at work with wedges or cute sandals, or with flip flops for a more leeeeisurely look:

Old Navy Chambray Cami Jumpsuit | Covet Living

Embroidered-Stripe Swim Cover-Up, $27 – Don’t mind the wrinkles (ON THE COVER-UP):

Old Navy Embroidered-Stripe Swim Cover-Up | Covet Living

Cami Jumpsuit, $37 – Loved the look on the model. Kicking ourselves for not adding this to our rotation:

Old Navy | Cami Jumpsuit | Covet Living

K that’s it… for now.  Grab everything quickly, as some stuff’s down to 1-2 sizes. Happy $hopping!


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