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Wise Words Wednesday

Wise Words Wednesday | Covet Living

“Rushing things you wish to bring to fruition will disrupt your journey. Allow the end result to appear naturally and without pressure. If you want it, if you speak it, if you believe it, it will come. Relax. Being disruptive to your journey will quickly humble you. Let things form, flow + grow freely. If you’re open, if you’re trusting of the process, if you’re hardworking, it will come. Relax. What’s meant for you will not pass you by. Timing is everything. Work for it while you wait for it. Attempting to expedite the arrival of what you want, wish or think you deserve, isn’t going to make it appear quicker. Grow with the process. Practice patience. Trust in the fact that you’re going to get what’s meant for you in due time. Be productive + stay humble. Because, timing. Because, faith. Because, you’re going to get what’s yours.” – Alex Elle


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