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I heard a good friend of mine from high school say that once, and it’s become my motto as of late.  I’m coming to realize that things rarely (as in, never) go as planned…  things that I could not have wrapped my head around 10 years ago ended up happening – some wonderful, and some tragic.  But now looking back, I don’t know that I would change anything; I think the chips fall the way they’re ‘spostah.  Even the things that crashed and burned – the tumultuous, oh-GYAH-my-head-wants-to-explode, nightmarish things – even those guys had a glimmer of good in them, because they’re the things that make you stronger and wiser afterward for having weathered them.  So it’s a cliché, but gurl.  I’m gonna say it anyway.  I really believe things happen for a reason.  At the wise old age of *cough* 30, I’m no expert, but I think all you can do is do the best you can, keep your spirits up and your little soul at peace, and embrace everything as it comes, because it’s probably something you’ll be better for in the end.

On another note, yikes, sorry to have sucked at blogging lately.  Our lame excuses are: Karrie’s planning a wedding, and I’m in the throes of an awesome homeowner’s crisis.  But stay tuned for some killer posts on Nursery & Kiddo Décor (for all you friends of ours out there who keep getting knocked up faster than we can count!)…  an Ode to the Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before I Bought a House, which will hopefully help some other homeowner somewhere out there…  and one on Tips for Decorating a (Tiny) Space.

Have a great weekend!!

*photo credit:  (1) Cafe Bokeh Fine Art Photo, via Etsy (2) Montage at bottom – images pulled from Pinterest

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