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Make this for dinner tonight.

I pinned this recipe a few weeks ago and had a chance to make it last night for Matt and his Mom (aka Sunny D – the cute, spicy little thing pictured below with us). We’ve made Sunday dinners a weekly tradition here in C-bus, and since bathing suit season is now (gulp) 2-3 months away, I wanted to make something über healthy last night.

I know there’s an unwritten rule that you’re supposed to do all your own original content on your own blogs, but this recipe from Lizzy Writes is too good, too healthy and too easy not to share.  Original recipe is HERE, so open that up, and read below for what I did to tweak it:

SHRIMP (I did my own thang here):

In a food processor, blend 1 whole bunch (like, the whole bunch you get at the grocery for 89 cents) of cilantro, and a few nubs of fresh ginger (the equivalent of 3 gumballs – those nubs below will probably do it).

You’ll have to add a glug or two of Olive Oil to get the consistency right and get it to blend thoroughly.  Add just enough until it starts to mix together – not too much that it’s liquid-y.  Once you get the consistency right, squeeze about a 1/2 a lemon in there, and add a dash of salt.  Blend thoroughly.

Wash and peel 2 pounds of raw shrimp.  Pat dry, then transfer to a big Ziploc.  Pour the cilantro/ginger marinade over the shrimp, close bag, and make sure the shrimp is thoroughly coated.  Refrigerate.  This marinade is delicious and never fails.


I changed nothing about this from her recipe.  It was outstanding.  How have I been steaming before I mash mine for so long when I should’ve been roasting it 1st?  Gives is so much more flavor.  Genius.  I didn’t have parmesan cheese so I used fresh grated Pecorino Romano, and probably 1/2 cup instead of the 1/4 cup it called for.  Whoops.


This was made extra awesome because – per Lizzy’s instructions – I sautéed the spinach in the leftover gingery-cilantro juices from the shrimp.  Only other thing I added was the zest of 1 lemon to the spinach mix.


Drop 2-3 gumballs worth of fresh ginger into a food processor.  Once that’s good & busted up, add boiled (drained) carrots – about 1 bag’s worth, and prob 1/4 cup of Brummel & Brown butter.  Dash of salt.  Blend thoroughly.  These were sweet and delicious.  I stole this idea from my girl Caitlin’s wedding reception last weekend, which was catered by Cru Café in Charleston.

The OTHER best part about this healthy dish is that it didn’t break the bank.  Probably $20 for 4 people.  Definitely buy raw shrimp instead of already cooked – it’s about half the price per pound, and I think it tastes better anyway.

Happy Monday!!

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  • Thanks for the awesome recipe idea!
    I agree on the raw vs. precooked shrimp – my favorite shortcut is the frozen raw shrimp that is already peeled – but it’s not at all groceries. That’s my favorite – still the taste of the raw but not the effort! 🙂

    • You are so welcome girl! And agh. If I could find raw peeled shrimp I’d be in heaven. Actually, check that. I wouldn’t mind peeling off all that gook if somebody would peel my ginger for me. That is some serious labor! 🙂

  • This looks soooo delicious. Question. Can you buy ginger not raw/already peeled?

    • Natalie: Yes you can! I know you can at Asian specialty food stores, and prob also at Whole Foods. Hope that helps! It would literally save you about 20 minutes.

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