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Weekends in Southern California Don’t Suck.

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{Clockwise from top left: Karrie post-sprints on Del Mar Beach… can you hear that wheezing? | Hipster toddlers for wedding guests = always welcome | Electra bikes for guests at the gorgeous L’Auberge Del Mar | Malibu, Malibu, Malibu | Steph and her San Diego babes at a little tapas joint called Costa Brava | Bacon wrapped dates and fried peppers at said joint | Steph beating the heat at the beach in Coronado on Saturday}

Ya know, folks, there is really something to be said about living in Cali. While the two of us will always be Hoosier girls at heart – missing Mellencamp playing on a loop on the radio, the smell of fresh-cut lawns in the summer, the taste of Indiana sweet corn, and the nearby lakes calling our ever-loving names – there’s no denying the magic of the glistening blue Pacific, the feel of saltwater on sun-dried skin, the sight of waves crashing over surfers, fish tacos at a moment’s notice. That we now both get to experience it makes it that much sweeter.  And by “both” I mean me, Steph and this guy…  obvi:

gus gus for president

Here’s to everyone eeking out those last few weeks of summertime, and for those of us in So Cal, just getting started…

Have a happy week everyone,

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