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Scenes From A Wedding Weekend

Ever been to a wedding where, after it was over, after the vows had been recited, after the chairs, tables, and decor had been taken down, after the dancing had concluded… you still felt these lingering, warm, sweet memories of the happiness the weekend exuded?  Well that’s exactly what I experienced at the most perfectly perfect wedding of my friend Stephanie (the other Stephanie in my life) recently.  The setting was San Diego (at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe), the vibe was rustic beach chic, and the bride was the most beautiful bride I’d ever seen.  On the drive home to LA and during the days after I just felt a happiness from it all… And it didn’t hurt that the whole shebang was artfully and lovingly designed by the bride’s cuz, Nathan Turner.  Below are some pix of the big day:

(Steph with her dad, who’s not only the sweetest guy, but also the most Instagram-proficient man I’ve ever met)

(The hubby and I started the wedding day in La Jolla at Brockton Villas, home of the Coast Toastif you’re in San Diego, get you some)

(Aaaaand then we ended up poolside, sipping on watermelon margaritas OH-KAY)

(I had a handful of Steph and Chris while getting ready…)

(I got to wear an all-time fave Rent the Runway dress… hey gurl…)

(The Hubs got to be in the presence of some football greats, even if they did photo bomb a ton of our pix.  Exhibit A.)

(Then it was time for din-din…)

(We took in the gloriously elegant and lush-yet-simple table settings.)

(Sprigs of rosemary and mint surrounded bouquets of garden roses.)

(The bride and groom made their entrance.  Via)

(And pulled off a first dance that’d make any Pulp Fiction fan real, real proud. Via)

(We danced…)

(And danced…)

(Then headed to the next stage of the wedding – The After Party…)

(Where – you guessed it – we finished off the night dancing some more!)

Sigh… Justperfection.  How about you?  Ever been to a wedding which was so special you caught a happiness high for a few days after?

Oh and PS, the bride and groom are so awesome, not one but TWO wedding videos were made for them: one put together by Steph’s brothers, and another by yours truly and Mr. Nathan Turner himself!  Both are below:

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  • What the WHAT??? You did a video with Nathan Turner??? You’re on the sofa with Nathan Turner??? At a wedding designed by Nathan Turner??? I am green with envy {and a little too much to drink last night–but mostly envy}. What a fun wedding!!!

  • god this wedding sounds amaze.

  • Makes me want to get married again! Loved your Insta-pics too Karrie xx

  • Love everything about this post. Especially the author!

  • Wow! What a wedding! I was completely immersed into that replay of your wedding weekend fun as the kids ran circles around me and screamed. Thanks for the 7 minute escape from reality. In my mind, I was all raisin’ the roof with you and Tim. Then, someone yelled, “MOM!” and I looked down and saw sweatpants and flip flops. WAH-WAH!

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